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Restful Sleep Offered Daily at Quality Sleep Shops

Restful Sleep Offered Daily at Quality Sleep Shops

Serving community since 2003!

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep to maintain brain functioning, physical and mental well-being, maintaining blood and heart vessels, and even to regulate weight gain. A good quality sleep nightly of 7-8 hours can prevent heart attacks and strokes. Poor sleep habits are also linked to raised sugar levels and type 2 diabetes. The mattress you sleep on directly affects your overall health and quality of sleep.

Quality Sleep Shops of Texas has been family owned and operated since 2003 at 14543 Hwy 105 West in Conroe. Cory Walter, owner, attributes the success of his mattress store to a solid reputation and referrals from having a caring, personal relationship with his customers. “Always be authentic and don’t try to sell. Offer knowledge about the product so the customer is equipped with education to buy a mattress that fits their needs. That is the priority,” said Walter.

Cory Walter gained a lot of his personal experience working in furniture stores in Pasadena as a young adult. He listened, worked with many furniture stores and learned from his peers including major chains like Fingers Furniture. He learned aggressive sales tactics from the smaller stores and more disciplined tactics with the larger firms. “My word is everything and I took the best from all my experiences. Reputation is what I want to be known for in this community. I have customers that have purchased mattresses and other furniture pieces 7-8 times with me over the years.”

Over 31 local furniture stores in a 14-mile radius to Quality Sleep Shops have come and gone. Cory believes they missed opportunities by pushing high sales versus instilling trust served up with knowledge and genuine customer service. If you don’t know your product it’s difficult to sell it to others.

He sees a lot of Bait and Switch with false advertising from ads in larger competitive mattress venues. “They get you in their store with over promises and disappoint customers with false ads. It shouldn’t be that way. Customers trust you to know the product and not just sell. Be honest. The most important thing to know is the coil count. Most large mattress venues don’t know anything about the coils or the mattresses, they just want to make sales to earn a commission.”

“I had a customer in Katy that allowed me to furnish his beach home without trying out any of the mattresses. I questioned that”, said Cory. “He said you know what I like, and I TRUST you. It’s a nice feeling to know that your reputation is impeccable.”

Coil count is the most important information when purchasing a mattress. Support equates to coil count and longevity. One company makes all the springs for all manufacturers, Leggett and Platt. Brand names are important, and they carry Serta, Beautyrest, SpringAir, Pureopedic, and others, but the product knowledge to fit the best mattress to the consumer is the priority.

“It is not about the brand of mattress as much as the number of coils and density of the foam of the innerspring mattress”, said Walter. “I like to qualify each customer with questions to determine the best mattress for them. How often is the bed used, how many people will sleep in the bed, and of course, what is their budget? If the bed is for an occasional guest room or for a single person, they may not need to spend as much on it. The higher the density of the foam, and higher coil count will reflect on additional support and a longer lasting mattress.”

Over 30 models are displayed in the showroom and customers are encouraged to lay down and try them out. Quality Sleep Shops of Texas offers a 30-night comfort guarantee. “If you are not in love with it, bring it back for another mattress without any additional fees”.

Adjustable bed frames with controls of the head and feet is one of the most requested items for those working on devices while in bed, reading, or just adding comfort. Leggett and Platt, one of the more popular manufacturers of adjustable beds is carried in the store at 40-50% less than other competitors. Any mattress can work on an adjustable bed frame. It is not necessary to buy new to fit the frame.

Quality Sleep Shops can also custom build your bed in any color, wood, or upholstery. If it is not on the showroom or in the warehouse it can be ordered with receipt within a week of request. If it is available at the store, delivery will be on the same day.

In addition to the mattresses and bed frames, Quality Sleep Shops of Texas sells bunkbeds, daybeds, sheets, pillows, mattress covers, solid wood bedroom furniture (custom made with storage components), recliners, iron bed frames in multiple colors and futons. Futons are not made as they were in the 80’s and offer a convenient solution to additional sleeping options. Furniture can be made in any finish for gun cabinets, coffee tables, bookcases, or wine cabinets.

“We are not just a mattress store”, said Cory. “Over 20% of the total store sales are bedroom furniture-custom made for many of my repeat customers”.

Not to be missed, bamboo mattresses are available and offer a more comfortable sleep by improving the air flow and lowering your body temperature by 3 degrees to help you sleep cooler. What a concept!

Don’t miss the discount showroom behind the main building with heavily discounted factory discontinued items, special purchases, and one of a kind pieces sold at up to 70% off regular pricing. Products sell through very quickly and inventory changes weekly.

Your staff is as important as the product you sell. Cory Walter ensures every customer is treated with respect and dignity and always leaves with more knowledge about mattresses than they knew before they came in. “It’s not about the sale, it’s about being genuine. I want customers to feel comfortable coming in the store and asking questions.”

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Cory also prides himself on mentoring high school youth about character, accountability, and responsibility. “These qualities will help them succeed throughout their life in any career”.

Education continues after the sale too. Every customer is given information to maintain the longevity of their mattress or furniture purchase and follow up calls are part of the routine. “We want you to stay in love with your mattress as long as possible!”

Firefighters deserve a good night sleep and Walter has made a difference in the community by supplying a good night’s rest (when possible) to local fire departments in Conroe, Montgomery, and Magnolia with quality mattresses.

Open Monday through Saturday 10:00am until 6:00pm, Walter will open the store after hours or Sunday by request. Afterall customer service is his priority-always!

“Since 2003, we have focused our business on being trustworthy and we take pride in delivering our products quickly. Our staff is well trained and taught to never pressure you, our customer. We believe that educating you will help you to make the choice that best fits you and your family. Buy a mattress or furniture from someone that will provide knowledge about the product and you TRUST!

Learn more about Quality Sleep Shop of Texas at or email [email protected]

The warehouse and showroom are located at 14543 Hwy 105 West in Conroe (936) 447-5337 during daytime or call for to be open by appointment.

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