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Elections and the Media

Elections and the Media


“The 2020 election is a continuation of a conflict about the nature of America which began in the 1960s. The first clear and vivid political collision of that conflict was in 1972.”- Newt Gingrich, September 2019. The 1960 presidential election featured the young, charismatic Democrat John F. Kennedy and the stoic, seasoned Republican Vice-President Richard M. Nixon. Nixon lost the popular vote by a margin of 0.17 percent and the Electoral College 303 to 219. In 1972 Nixon won the presidency with over 61% of the popular vote while defeating Democrat George McGovern

Author Theodore White’s book titled “Making of the President 1972” describes the emerging hostility of the elite news media and its evolution into the adversarial anti-president propaganda system for left-wing values, according to Gingrich. Gingrich continued: “Everything we are used to seeing in what President Trump calls “Fake News” existed by 1972. The parallels are amazing- and are part of why I decided to spend so much time analyzing 1972 and 2020 as similar patterns of conflict. The 1960s brought the Free Speech Movement, the Civil Rights movement, the Women’s Rights movement, the breakdown of sexual inhibition, the anti-war movement and the collapse of law and order- leading to a dramatic rise in crime and violence.

The power of the liberal Left-wing grew from the media. Since Nixon, the media has attacked presidents who they deem unworthy. Theodore White explained: “These were adversary press. Its luminaries not only questioned his exercises of power, as all great American journalists have done when examining a president. They questioned his own understanding of America; they questioned not only his actions but the quality of his mind, and his honor as a man. It was a question of who was closest in contact with the mood of the American people- the President or his adversary press.”

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Gingrich noted: “Much like Trump a generation later, Nixon was not intimidated and did not flinch from the fight. Nixon understood that his primary adversary was the press- not his Democratic opponent…..The elite media had its final victory over President Nixon in the Watergate scandal, which drove him from office. The elite tried this with President Trump in the ‘Russian collusion lie and failed.”

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