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Fishing Adventures with Derek

Fishing Adventures with Derek


9-14-19 Practicing for FLW BFL Super Tournament

Sam Rayburn –Prop Ear Shears Off

Trey and I went to Sam Rayburn to practice first for my FLW BFL Super Tournament coming up next week and second for the College Tournament to requalify for the Bassmaster National Championship again for next summer. We caught a few fish and were just getting started when we were running across the lake to find some more sports to fish when the boat sounded weird. It was making a funny noise and it did not sound good at all. We didn’t know what it could be because we did not hit a thing. All we were doing was driving. I stopped the boat and pulled up the motor and we noticed the problem, a wing from the prop had sheared off. We’ll guess what that means. No more fishing for us. I guess God sends us to where we are supposed to be and since I was practicing for the tournaments I was not going to get to go to my Papa’s 90th Birthday lunch. I think he had other plans. Trey and I called to see if any of our friends were on the lake so we could be towed but we were far from the truck so instead I hitched a ride with another man that took me to my truck instead of towing the boat that distance. I drove the truck to the nearest ramp and Trey met me with the boat. We got home at midnight and borrowed a spare prop from Mr. Hooker because I was determined I needed to get the boat fixed and drive all the way back to Sam Rayburn to practice. It was another 2 ½ hours of driving one way. My dad and I could not get it to work on our boat. Like I said someone else thought I should be at Papa’s NINETIETH BIRTHDAY.

I went to the party and was glad I was able to make it. My Papa was happy also. Both Grant and I were there with him.

So, my new plan was to get my homework done and leave for the tournament Thursday night to go try to practice again after the prop comes in. The hurricane came up and they closed the school on Wednesday and Thursday so now I can get my work done before I go and have a head start and can leave earlier and make up for the lost practice. Things always seem to work out how they are supposed to.

9-21-19 FLW BFL Cowboy Super Tournament

Sam Rayburn

Today I fished the FLW BFL Cowboy Super Tournament at Sam Rayburn. This tournament you receive double points for the fish you catch to qualify for the Regionals. Doug is my co-angler that is fishing with me from Huntsville, Texas. We fished the lily pads with frogs. I lost a lot of big ones in the pads. Between 10-11 AM I was flipping bushes with a Texas Rig Rage Crawl and caught my limit of 5. I ended up in 54th place with 9 pounds. My partner zeroed. Was not a good day. I kept up my limit so I am standing in 24th in points, out of 258 Pro Anglers. I will be going to the Regional Championship at Grand Lake in Oklahoma.

9-28-19 Outlaw Outdoors Qualifying Tournament for Bassmaster College National Championship

Today is a great day, partly sunny with clouds. The temperature is 75 degrees this morning but will warm up to a blazing 88 degrees.

This is the second year they are doing the Qualifying Tournament for the Bassmaster National Championship. Last year Trey and I won it. They are doing two of these tournaments this year but only one winner from each tournament is qualified. Today there are 66 teams fishing. We are fishing on Sam Rayburn.

It was a nice calm morning and we were parked in the grass on the shoreline waiting for takeoff. The country music is playing and it’s getting brighter as first light is approaching. Getting in my bag to get a little snack for breakfast. We really do not like to stop to eat when we are fishing. Yesterday we were on the fish. When we pre-fished we found a lot of fish up north deep and shallow. We sure hope all that works out for us today. Aaron and Drew are also representing Texas A&M Galveston in this tournament. My other friends Joe and Dillion are also here from their schools.

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The tournament director says a prayer for all of the angler’s safety fishing on the lake and then they play the national anthem. The tournament director calls out number 41 as we drive by Mr. Holloway is standing on the dock. He is the fishing coach from Schreiner University and said, “You boys need to come fish at Schreiner”. I just smiled as we drove off to catch our fish.

Our first stop was at Five Fingers. We were fishing with a hollow body frog. I caught a 2 pounder in the first 10-15 minutes of fishing. Ten minutes later Trey has a 2-3 pounder blow up on a frog.

We left Five Fingers and went to our next spot, Veach. It was covered with thick lily pads. We frogged and nothing. NO BITES AT ALL.

No need in sticking around there so we headed to the Canyons. We saw about 40 teal and wood ducks. I am sure Trey was thinking about duck hunting since the fishing was not going so well at this point. We fished 2 brush piles in the first hour with NO LUCK, NO BITES AT ALL. We could not give up. We found fish at practice and they were big fish.We’ll all of a sudden it picked up. Trey caught a 3 pounder on a Texas Rig ½ oz. with a Mister Twister 10” worm. Then I caught one. We caught our limit by 11 or 12. During that time we culled 3 times.

By 12 noon it got windy. The waves got huge, like 3 feet, by the time we got to the weigh in we were soaked. It took us 40 minutes to get in crawling over the waves.

Aaron and Drew came in before us and weighed in 5 fish weighing 16.32 pounds taking 6th place. Joe and Donzae came in 10th place with 14.64 pounds. We ended up coming in 17th place with 5 fish weighing 13.92 pounds. Not near as good as we had hoped. Still it is always great to be on the water fishing and enjoying the great outdoors with my great friend Trey. Thanks to our sponsors, Shipley Do-Nuts, Big D Marine, Strike King and Cast-A-Way that support us throughout the fishing season and make all this possible. Throw It Out, Pop It In, Fish On!

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