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Local Jeweler Makes All Dreams Come True!

Local Jeweler Makes All Dreams Come True!


Families have used Camillo’s Jewelry for over 36 years in our community. Dan Camillo has an outstanding reputation for delivering the best price and value for high-quality jewelry and his customers know it.

“We have seen 3 generations come into the store from the same family-Grandpa, his son, and now the grandson coming in for engagement rings”, said Dan Camillo. “They all want to put a ring on it!”

Some may remember the billboard on I-45 near FM 2854 with a girl asking to “put a ring on it”. Subsequently the next billboard said, “he finally put a ring on it!”. This got a little notoriety on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno for Camillo’s Jewelry.

“I started out by working with my dad growing up in Conroe. He asked what I thought about the jewelry business, and I said let’s give it a try. Well, that’s all I’ve ever done since then. I used to have a briefcase and visit car lots with all my watches. I was known as Dan, Dan, the Jewelry Man! I went to Weisner’s and Lyn Hawthorne’s place when she owned the Toyota dealership in Conroe,” remembered Dan.

Jewelry isn’t all they do. Most stores don’t work on Rolex watches, but Camillo’s does. They are also known for buying and selling gold, silver and old bills or coins. They recently received an older $1000 bill that was valued at $4800!

“We do a lot of business with Rolex watches. Murdock Vines, our master watch craftsman, has been with the shop for 5 years and has over 40 years-experience in watch repair, primarily Rolex watches. William Burgos is the master jeweler with 30 years as a crafter designing jewelry. All work is performed in our store and we never send out anything. That way we know how it works, where the item is, and that it is the very best quality.

Camillo’s has a reputation as a high-end jewelry store often sought after through word of mouth by celebrities. Alice Cooper, classic rock artist, was in town for a concert recently and came in to get a special designed skull logo with diamonds for all his band members. A recent photo showed all the band members with knuckles out sporting the rings made by Camillo’s. Lady Gaga sent a representative to Dan to get a uniquely designed pendant. Word of mouth and a good reputation is everything.

Dan is a gemologist, master jewelry crafter and learned a lot over the years. With experienced craftsmen in the store anyone can come in with an idea, a precious gem they want in the piece and Dan III (Dan’s son) can convert the idea into a CAD design to customizing any jewelry piece. Designs are not limited to jewelry either.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo selected Camillo’s to design the pins and souvenirs over the years. We have customized guitar picks. Nothing is beyond our scope. Recently a longtime friend came in wanting something special for his wife. We designed a piece worth $48,000 with an engraved box to keep it clean and safe from elements. That was a very memorable piece,” shared Dan.

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Camillo’s is a family-run business. Mom, MaryAnne works the front greeting customers and maintaining the books, son, Dan is an experienced craftsman, and Dan II puts a smile on his face and does his best every day to give every customer their best day when they call or come in his shop.

“It’s all about community. I grew up in Conroe, graduated in 1982 from Conroe High School, and as a business we contribute to many local organizations including the Cattleman’s Ball, The Crighton Theatre restoration project, and my biggest passion, the kids at St. Jude.”

“Trusted relationships in the community have kept us going strong for over 35 years. Camillo’s is a fine jewelry store vested in customer service above and beyond any expectations. Any issues are resolved on the spot so everyone can have a good day!”

From creating a custom design to repair and upgrading heirlooms to a modern look, Camillo’s Jewelry is your one stop shop for the perfect gift of fine jewelry, watches, or gold exchange. Get to know the family and your neighbors in the community. Learn more about Camillo’s Jewelry by visiting their website or call (936) 539-4367. The showroom is located at 3506 West Davis in Conroe. Open Tuesday through Friday 9:00am-6:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

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