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New Location in Montgomery to Offer Award-Winning Total Body Care!

New Location in Montgomery to Offer Award-Winning Total Body Care!


“Every customer has different needs for a massage. Men and women alike utilize our services for physical ailments as well to relax and shed stresses of work-family-balance challenges”, said Mack. “When you think about the word ‘massage’, you imagine relief from chronic back pain, daily stress, and self-care. Massages vary from gentle and relaxing to our new exclusive Rapid Tension Relief targeting up to 11 areas of discomfort to manipulate triggered muscles. We are the only national massage business using the Hypervolt devices in massage therapy.”

Mack and Michelle Miller have learned the recipe for therapeutic massage, facial, skin care, and total body stretches as they continue to grow their business from two franchise locations in Conroe and Tomball to the newest one in Montgomery. As one of the few Massage Envy franchisors to earn national awards, their success is based on a team effort and pursuing excellence with every customer.

Members and guests looking to further increase flexibility mobility can benefit from Massage Envy’s Total Body Stretch service, which is a head-to-toe assisted stretch. The Total Body Stretch is available in 30 and 60-minute session lengths and can be added to the therapeutic massage appointment, even in conjunction with the Hypervolt device.

Massages vary in delivery to the body based on individual needs. Sports massages geared towards the athlete focusing on specific areas of the body can improve performance before an event and reduce recovery time after an event. Deep tissue massage reduces chronic muscle tension in the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. A reflexology massage will focus on the feet and ankles to promote overall relaxation. Massage Envy now allows members and guests to further customize their massages and target specific skin concerns with the choice of its new CyMe Boost serums, six highly concentrated serums added directly to the massage lotion. The six serums are infused with active ingredients to help clarify and balance the skin to help promote a radiant, youthful looking appearance.

In addition to massages, Massage Envy offers premium skin care products and services personalized to target specific areas of concern and improve overall physical appearance. Massage Envy has added facial waxing and eyebrow design services to their growing line of total body care services. Customers may choose to add a facial waxing for eyebrows, ears, and other areas to remove unwanted hair, a lip scrub to exfoliate the lips and reduce fine lines, or a facial.

Michelle said, “Both men and women alike enjoy facials to rejuvenate the skin and help them feel more youthful and rested. Not only do you feel better, but your skin glows with a more radiant appearance.”

Advanced skin care services at Massage Envy are performed by licensed estheticians certified in skin care maintenance. The certified esthetician is a skin care expert who evaluates your needs to help create a customized treatment regimen to maintain the health of your skin and promote a more youthful appearance. There are both 60 minute and extended 90-minute facials with 80 minutes of hands on service and 10 minutes of individual consultation.

 “Our new location in Montgomery offers Obagi & Jan Marini Healthy Skin Facials that work effectively for aging skin”, said Michelle.

Jan Marini facial treatments use a “skin conditioning” protocol that gradually exposing the skin with a higher concentration of dynamic ingredients over a series of visits to improve overall skin vitality. Obagi products help prevent and improve the most common and visible disorders in adult skin caused by sunburns, regular sun exposure, hormonal changes, stress, and environmental pollution that can contribute to the signs of premature aging. 

“We are proud to offer products from the Obagi Medical line, carried in physician’s offices for more than 30 years”, Mack added.

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Advanced skin treatments in addition to facials include the proprietary Chemical Peel from PCA Skin® to reduce skin inflammation, acne marks, and rejuvenate skin and Microderm Infusion™- a hydration technology treatment going beyond traditional microdermabrasion exfoliating and extracting.

Massage Envy’s Microderm Infusion™ uses precision-timed hydration to deliver a 3-in-1 professional grade treatment. Our diamond-coated wand simultaneously exfoliates the face, vacuums away residential skin cells and instantly infuses a customizable serum chosen for your specific needs.  Members and guests choose Microderm Infusion™ to remove scarring, oil congestion, and plugged pores, discoloration, sun damage marks, and stretch marks.

All services are available to guests at published rates, while first time guests are offered a discounted introductory rate. For even greater savings, frequent clients can join a unique Wellness Program. Members receive access to monthly services at lower membership rates and unlimited discounted additional sessions, product discounts, referral bonuses, rollover sessions, and the use of their membership at over 1,150 locations nationwide in 49 states.

Mack and Michelle urge members and guests to visit their newest convenient location at the new Buffalo Springs Kroger Marketplace in Montgomery. “Calling for an appointment will secure the time you need for a personalized experience. We want you to be stress free and visit us often! Life is short. Be calm and get a massage, healthy skin facial, facial wax, chemical peel, Microderm infusion, or total body stretch!” Learn more about Massage Envy in Montgomery. Call (936) 207-2007 for an appointment. The address is 20212 Eva Street, Suite 250, Montgomery at the Buffalo Springs Kroger Marketplace on Hwy 105.

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