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A Dog’s First-Class Day Camp!

A Dog’s First-Class Day Camp!


Many of us love our dogs and cats as family, and sometimes may even prefer their companionship over real people. We would do anything to keep them happy, healthy, and safe. The Barkly Pet Resort and Spa is exclusively custom made for our pets. “Pampered Pets Beg to Stay”.

What is different about The Barkly?

The facility offers many services beyond boarding your loved animals. Some owners drop off their loved family dogs daily to play with their friends instead of staying at home. While you work, dogs get bored, tear up things in the home, chew on furniture, and bark continuously. Daycare gives your dogs the opportunity to look forward to the day ahead. Guests can play in the pool area (with life vests available) or play leash free in the dog park.  

The Barkly has the largest in-ground dog pool around! The 30,000-gallon pool is open year round to all ages and sizes, as long as owners sign them up to splash. They also offer a dry camp service with activities including a trampoline, slides, a sandpit, and kiddie pools. As they tire, they refresh inside the air-conditioned area indoors and take a nap. Day care is a great way for guests to learn to socialize, burn off excess energy, and come home happy.

The pool is a great feature of our facility. During splash camp, dogs have easy access to the water through the awesome beach entrance, as well as a deeper end with a shelf provided so all pups can easily and safely exit on both sides”, said Amber Murphy, owner of the Barkly. Amber is passionate about the care of animals and established The Barkly in 2014 to serve the local pets in a caring facility surrounded by dedicated experienced staff with the safety of the pets as their priority. The business is family run, owner supervised with extensive experience working with animals.

The Barkly is a 7-acre facility with 7,000 feet of indoor space for both dogs and cats. Most of the facilities are geared towards a dog’s playful manner with an experienced staff always supervising. Cats have their own area for grooming, boarding and sunbathing. Pet boarding includes a minimum of 3 walks each day, plus customized feedings, their own private room with a raised bed, and clean water daily! The Barkly has a variety of different sized rooms available to fit each individual dog’s needs. All rooms are air conditioned and heated. All guests are more than welcome to bring their own bedding for that “at home” feel, but The Barkly also has plenty of supplies to provide for each pet as well to make sure every guest is as cozy and stress free as possible. Additional services to fit your pet’s needs can always be added onto their stay. It truly is “Pampered Boarding at an affordable price”.

Full-service grooming is available for every breed and size of pets by appointment. A la carte services offered to all guests include training, bathing, socialization with other dogs, extra walks, transportation, and medication administration custom scheduled to fit their individual needs.  Every service is provided by trained staff with safety and health a priority of all guests.

At The Barkly, dogs can learn simple commands such as “Sit, down, leave-it, drop, come, stay, off” and to discontinue unwanted behaviors such as barking and jumping, through their training services. Trainers at The Barkly hold 15+ years of experience, holding compassion and results as their highest priorities. Obedience training is offered in private classes, group classes, and can be added onto your pets stay. The Barkly also strives to find all the best options for new pet parents by partnering with different rescue groups, such as Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas, where The Barkly houses their fosters temporarily until they find their furever homes. The Barkly also partners with responsible breeders such as ProCurl Harem American Curls. “These are not just cats,” states Kathy Falcone, Owner of ProCurl Harem, “They are called ‘The Peter Pan’ of the feline world. They are extremely personable, very dog-like, and retain their youthful kitten vigor throughout adulthood.” To learn more about available American Curls, contact 936-689-4349 or visit their website at

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Rest assured that your loved family member will always get individual attention specific to their needs at The Barkly Pet Retreat and Spa with experienced staff. All staff is equipped with years of experience handling all types of animals, ages, sizes, and needs.

We are animal lovers and pet parents ourselves so, we not only understand the needs and wants of our guests, but their parents, too. That’s why we take a very personal approach to our services and care. The pets that stay with us, no matter if it’s for a few hours or a few weeks, are like family and we want them to be as stress free as possible. It makes our job easier and their stay more enjoyable” says Liz Morgan, The Barkly’s General Manager.

While the lobby is open 7am-7pm everyday, including Sundays, except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, the compassionate staff is on sight 365 days a year, including a caregiver on sight 24/7 to insure all guests get the care they need. Learn more about The Barkly by visiting their website at Set up appointments, ask questions, or check availability by calling (936) 447-2275. The Barkly is located at 15000 FM 2854 Rd., Montgomery.

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