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Getting the Most Out of Custom Home Building: Custom Vs. Existing

Getting the Most Out of Custom Home Building: Custom Vs. Existing


Custom Home Building can be the best and only option if you don’t want to settle. 

Homeowners seek a change of primary residence because their current home doesn’t meet their needs. This means prospective homebuyers usually know what they want in their next home. A home that fits the bill in the area of choice can be nonexistent.  

Going through the process of building doesn’t have to be a hassle. To overcome any of life’s challenges first define the ideal result and then plan how to get there.

The first step is to consider your current situations. 

Determine how many bedrooms, baths, garage spaces, rooms for special use, and total sq. ft. of living area, etc.

Create “must haves” and a “want” list.  Add line item provisions for future needs and creature comforts. Be sure to make notes about special requirements like large kitchens, large patios, oversized garage, etc.

Gather information about your preferences: Pictures of interior and exterior design features (style). 

“Window shop” your big ticket items such as cabinets, appliances, flooring, and front door. List some ideal neighborhoods or the area you would like to live. Establish a price that is comfortable. 

Phone interview prospective builders for the best fit.

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If your criteria is fairly common it may be easy to meet your needs. Some builders require you to choose from their selections. Ask about the selection process. More specific requests most likely means more flexibility will be required of the builder. Distance from your ideal location. More distance usually means longer build time.

Be prepared to offer some details of your goals in order for the builder to provide information.

Reveal a target price – not your budget. “Name Your Price” concept is not new to construction. Large commercial project design must meet all the demands while keeping a close eye on cost.

The same approach can be utilized in custom home construction.  An experienced builder can tell you if the home can be designed and built to meet all your requirements including cost. You will determine quickly who is willing to work with you and feasibility of building a custom home.

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