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The Importance of Google My Business

The Importance of Google My Business


If you haven’t already done so you should ensure you have added your business to Google, but stopping there is not enough, you then need to optimize your listing to make sure it is working for you.

Where Do Customers Come From?

This might sound like a trite question, but you must understand how your customers find you. In the current age of technology, social media is another critical piece of the jigsaw, and you might well have someone on board to take care of your social platforms. Most businesses find that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the best to be active on, for B2B companies you should also consider LinkedIn. Social media works well with referrals, and this is another essential way to increase your customer base. Previous customers share and comment on their positive experiences. Because human nature is to trust friends by extension, you become a reliable source for new customers as you have been endorsed. 

If you are a local business, then Google My Business should not be overlooked. Did you know each second Google receives over 63,000 searches on any given day? If you do the math, you will see that this means, there are 5.6 billion searches each day. You are going to want some of that action, and suddenly you can see why Google My Business becomes one of the most crucial internet platforms for your company.

This is where an excellent Social Media Strategist comes in; it is their job to ensure that every possible outlet is considered for your business, not just the prominent places. Google My Business needs to be treated with as much importance as other platforms, and this means daily updates, images and videos should be posted. This helps to ensure that your page ranks towards the top when Google visitors use the relative search terms.

Put Your Business in the Spotlight

The statistics above should speak for themselves, but it is also worth knowing that Google is the first port of call for customers looking for local businesses. Furthermore, almost 75% of these searchers go onto make purchases online. It makes business sense to open as many doors as possible, making yourself highly visible to prospective customers looking for products and services that match your own. It is a more specific platform for business, as while we know and utilize the merits of platforms like Facebook it is worth remembering that users are there for a lot of reasons not specifically to find businesses and services.

Google My Business is a much better function than the old style of Google listings and Google Plus. It has a lot more relevance and gives you the chance to create a dedicated business profile with the most up to date information, and of course, because Google owns it, it is favored in the search engine rankings. You may even find your Google My Business profile outranks your website, but in this case, that is not a problem.

The Takeaway

In the current race to improve rankings, Google My Business cannot be overlooked. It needs to become part of your marketing strategy, and rate as one of the most important things you do. If you would like help with Google My Business or any of the other marketing channels you should be targeting, have a chat with us at The Dock Line Social Media Strategy Team today!

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