Angie’s Mexican & Seafood

Congratulations to Angie’s Mexican and Seafood Restaurant for celebrating their first year anniversary in September! Angie’s has survived by continuing to serve really good food, at a great price, by people who treat you like family. Last year, I visited the restaurant soon after they opened, and I’m happy to see the owner, Carla, still smiling and following the same success plan of her mother, (Angie), who opened the first location in Waller, TX.

Following an ambitious rowing class at a local fitness center, I met my husband, Jim, and friends, Penny and Jerry, at Angie’s to give some new menu items a try.

The menu features a variety of seafood and Mexican favorites, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers and kids’ meals. The dishes come from Carla’s grandma’s long-standing recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

We started off having the Gumbo…and probably could have stopped right there. “This is the best gumbo this side of the Mississippi,” Jerry said. “It’s your back to basic kind of gumbo. Doesn’t get any better than this,” Jim added. The dark, flavorful roux, topped with rice, and filled with Cajun-seasoned meat and shrimp had me missing my daughter in Louisiana. While we scooped up the gumbo, Penny was enjoying some queso and chips ($4.95/$6.95). “There’s chunks of good stuff in here,” said Penny. “And, I love that the chips are served warm, and you can tell they are homemade.”

The first entrée we tried was the fried catfish and shrimp. Chef Angelica is serious about seafood: their fish goes through three processes, and their shrimp goes through two. Nothing at Angie’s is pre-battered. Everything is hand battered and made the moment you order it. The homemade batter for the fish was different than the homemade batter for the shrimp, and each was uniquely tasty and light. “This catfish is fantastic, the batter has a really nice flavor. It’s light and not greasy,” noted Jim. “It’s moist but not overly crispy so the oil must have been really hot and fresh.” Carla confirmed the oil is clean and filtered every day. “I like it because there’s more meat, less batter,” added Penny as she bit into a good chunk of fish. When they were done raving about the catfish, they raved about the “fresh, perfectly cooked” shrimp. “This batter is a little sweet and just as good. I like that it is light so you can really taste the flavor of the shrimp,” said Jerry. There are several combination opportunities to match your taste and level of hungriness. For instance, you can choose one fish and three shrimp for $8.45; two fish and six shrimp for $11.95 or six oysters or scallops and 6 shrimp for $14.45. All combination platters are served with freshly made French fries, homemade cocktail sauce and homemade tartar sauce.

Prefer your fish grilled? They have a grilled red snapper ($14.95) served with grilled vegetables and fried rice. The fish was flaky and seasoned perfectly. The grilled vegetables were just as good as the fish – I could be happy with just a plateful of those veggies. Everyone liked the fried rice too – nice touch.

Next, we shared a Shrimp and Oyster Po’boy ($9.95). Right away, everyone was impressed with the bread. “This bread is not your usual po’boy bread, it’s so soft and lightly buttered and it’s thin so you can taste what’s inside, “said Jerry. “This has monster shrimp and oysters. You get a taste of shrimp or oyster in every bite,” said Jim.

On the Mexican side of the menu, you have to try their “Soon to be Famous” Chili Relleno. We had a combination of chicken, beef and shrimp ($10.95). It was served with Mexican rice and refried beans. The pepper was perfectly cooked and I loved how everything inside tasted. Since you can’t rely on my novice taste buds for Mexican food, I asked Jerry, who eats Mexican food regularly. “It’s excellent,” he said. For those in the know, this chili relleno is made the traditional way with egg yolk. It is first fried and then grilled. While we were talking about the chili relleno, Penny kept raving about the refried beans. “It’s so nice to taste refried beans that actually have flavor,” she said. Once again, it’s that made-from-scratch, homemade distinction that the dishes at Angie’s share. And, they are not rushed out of the kitchen. To do it right…and fresh, it takes a little time.

We also tasted their homemade beef, chicken and shrimp enchiladas and each were filled generously and tasted great. The taste of the meats and shrimp really came through strong. Carla pointed out that the chicken enchilada is stuffed with chicken breast that is cooked fresh, (not the steamed chicken some restaurants use and store in the frig).

For dessert, we shared a slice of Triple Chocolate Cake ($3.55), Mango Mousse Cake ($3.95) and a homemade Flan ($3.95). The mango mousse cake was to die for – creamy, sweet, but not too sweet. Even though I am always partial to chocolate, (the cake is good), I will come back and order the mango mousse cake. Penny’s favorite was the flan. Having travelled extensively outside of the country, she finds it hard to find a good flan made in the states. This did not disappoint. “MMMMM” was all she could say. Carla plans to add Upside Down Pineapple Cake and Tiramisu. MMMMM.

Angie’s serves bottled beer and amazing 16-ounce margaritas – Regular ($4.99), Strawberry ($5.55), Mango ($5.55) and Tropical (a mixture of Mango and Strawberry $6.25). The margarita recipes come from Carla’s dad and you can see right away these are not your ordinary margaritas! There is real fruit inside! The strawberries are shipped from Brazil and the Mangos come directly from Mexico. The fresh fruits are pureed and mixed in…there’s no syrup in these ritas! “I taste all Mango!” Penny said as she sipped the Mango Margarita. Get $1 off during Happy Hour Monday through Friday 11 am – 5 pm. You can also order Margaritas to go! Guests are always welcome to bring their own wine – there is a corkage fee.

At Angie’s, it is a true family business – Carla’s aunt Florence and children, Priscilla, Anjanette and Isaac, work together, with family friend Blessing, providing excellent service and delicious food that has earned them many 5-star ratings on Yelp.

Angie’s Mexican and Seafood is located at 5105 FM 1960 East. They are just west of the Hampton Inn in a small strip center with a Super K at the corner. Angie’s offers a 10% discount to seniors, military, (active and veterans), members of the Huffman, Atascocita and Kingwood fire departments and police, teachers and X-Cons (former Continental employees). For more information call 346-616-5974 or visit