Christmas Market Preview

Guess what this classy Drummer boy is announcing? This is the month retail stores begin gearing up for the holiday season. After much consideration on all the needs and wants of clients like you, the market orders begin flooding in during September.

We buy most of our product in January and leave room to add at June market. The amazing thing about Christmas 2017 was the full availability of ALL colors. But I must admit the showrooms featured traditional red and green in their main displays. Once inside the showrooms, you could easily find the silvers, champagnes and bronzes – also, whimsical fun childlike displays and plenty of woodsy rustic displays. So yes, something for everyone.

With Santa driving the bus, it’s no wonder red and green were dramatic. Ribbon and ornamentals were as varied as the color themes. The glitz of beads, gems and glitter caught my eye plus printed burlap for a more casual look. Remember, we can make your bows – your ribbon or ours. Come visit on Tuesdays 10-4.

LED lights were in and on everything. We have 30 foot long strands to add to all of your holiday décor. We ordered the most inexpensive light up angel ornament. She has a frosted glass body and clear glass wings. It’s the perfect gift to have on hand at $10 each.

The Christmas evergreens have become more real looking every year. They are so real looking you are tempted to smell them. That’s why I spray them with the silver spruce spray I keep on hand. It’s a great trick.

Front gate featured some real looking green wreaths hanging from chandeliers over elegant dining tables. Our showrooms copied that idea. We chose two styles of wreaths and are ready to adorn your dining room light fixture.

Photo 4 Hanging wreath

Call us soon for Christmas help for your lovely home.

Watch the October Dock Line for the announcement of our 2nd Annual Christmas Bazaar. It will be in November – the date will be determined. Just like the market showrooms, there will be something for everyone!