Staging Your Home For Show

First Impressions have a major impact on potential Buyers. In real estate, staging a home and selling a home often go hand in hand. Though the process can be involved, the results are indisputable. Try to imagine what a potential Buyer will see when they approach your house for the first time and walk through each room.

Keep Everything Clean. A messy or dirty home will cause prospective buyers to notice every flaw.

Clear Clutter
Not only will decluttering your property make moving day easier, but clearing space also gives viewers room to visualize themselves living in your space. Some items you can sell or donate outright. What about the housewares or sentimental objects you want to hold on to but need to remove to optimize showings? Give them a temporary home in a storage unit or portable moving container. Be sure and clear clutter from your counter tops! Stash or throw out newspapers, magazines, and junk mail.

Set Up Your Space
Focus on staging the rooms that see the most action: the living room, kitchen and master bedroom. If reinventing multiple rooms in your home is too expensive, you do have the option of renting furniture and accessories. It’s a quick way to supply art for the walls, lamps to improve lighting or even an entire suite of furniture. Just be sure to sign with a furniture rental company that offers delivery and pickup as part of their packages. When you’re getting ready to move, the last thing you want is to ferry furniture between multiple locations.

Get rid of odors such as tobacco, pets, cooking etc. but don’t overdo air fresheners or potpourri. Fresh baked bread and cinnamon can make a positive impact.

Check list for that quick ‘Show Ready’ call:

  • Let the light in – Raise shades, open blinds, pull back the curtains and turn on the lights.
  • Send pets away – or secure them away from the house, and be sure to clean up after them.
  • Close the windows – to eliminate street noise
  • Clean trash cans – and put them out of sight
  • Hang – clean attractive guest towels in the bathrooms
  • Check – the sink and tub are scrubbed and unstained, and toilets flushed
  • Make – the beds with attractive spreads
  • Leave – if possible you, your pets, and your children should be gone while your home is being shown. If you must be present while your home is shown, keep noise down. Turn off the TV and radio. Soft, instrumental music is fine, but avoid vocals.

Need some help executing an effective home staging? Rose Realty has a team of professionals ready to assist.