Hospital Provides Interventional Radiology

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Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital Provides Interventional Radiology

The interventional radiology suite at Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital, which opened earlier this summer, provides residents of Baytown and the surrounding communities access to the most advanced imaging technology available.

The centerpiece of the facility is the new GE Healthcare Discovery interventional radiology system; an extremely versatile machine that can be utilized in the performance of a wide range of procedures. Dr. Nassim Akle, an interventional radiologist at Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital, said the machine represents the leading edge of imaging technology.

“This device is as state-of-the-art as it gets,” Akle said. “It truly is the second generation of this technology. It’s like an iPhone 7, while the previous version of this device is like an iPhone 5.”

Interventional radiology uses multiple imaging technologies to assist and guide radiologists and physicians in the performance of minimally invasive procedures, such as the collection of specimens from internal organs and the placement of catheters and stents within the body. It delivers reduced pain, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times for a variety of procedures that once required open surgery.

According to the Society of Interventional Radiology, the technology harnesses the power of several imaging systems, including ultrasound, x-ray, CT scan and MRI to give interventional radiologists a remarkably clear view of the inside of the body to diagnose and treat numerous complex conditions. Among its many possible uses, the device can be utilized to inject anti-cancer drugs into blood vessels; perform cardiovascular (stent and catheter placement) and women’s health procedures, including varicose vein ablation (removal); and arterial embolization (artery closure).

Located in the imaging services unit on the first floor of the Baytown hospital’s Garth campus, the device allows for full body access. The system uses a large flat panel display screen for precise 3D visualization that provides unprecedented surgical accuracy.

“We are able to treat patients with minimally invasive procedures; many of which require only local anesthesia or sedation,” Akle said.

Akle said the new device represents a significant enhancement of Houston Methodist San Jacinto’s imaging services offerings. The hospital’s imaging services unit, certified by the American College of Radiology (ACR), offers unparalleled equipment, radiologists, physicians, nurses and staff in a convenient location for Baytown area residents.

“This machine represents the highest imaging technology possible, so there’s no need for patients to go anywhere else to have these procedures performed,” Akle said. “There are not many facilities this advanced currently operating in the nation, which means our patients don’t have to drive anywhere to receive world-class care.”

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