It’s the Apocalypse…..again

You may have heard a lot of talk about September 23, 2017 being the date of the end of the world. Periodically, the world seems to get enthralled with someone’s calculation that the world is ending: 1988, 2000, 2012. The list goes on. This time, the talk is about a celestial alignment associated with Revelation 12 from the Bible. While I always find reading up on these events intriguing, I caution against placing much value in them. YouTube is replete with videos from people of various education levels, (and video making talents), taking one side or the other on this topic. Some of them are quite interesting, so if you have some time, check it out.

So, is the world ending in September? Maybe, but probably not. If it does, Visa is going to be mad, because I owe them a lot of money right now. If it does end, I’m going to hedge my bets and take some vacation time. Nothing would infuriate me more than to meet the apocalypse with unused vacation time on the books.

My take on these events is the same advice I would give for everyone who lives in a hurricane prone area: Have a supply of food, water, batteries, etc., which you maintain year round. With hurricanes, you’ll need these in case the power gets knocked out or flood waters and downed trees trap you in your neighborhood.

You ought to be living your life prepared for the end of it regardless of what anyone on YouTube says. Is your soul prepared to meet your Maker? Then straighten up and fly right. Are there things you’ve wanted to do but have put off? Take that trip to Italy or Mount Rushmore or wherever. How about a broken relationship you’ve wanted to mend? What about that home improvement project you’ve been thinking about? All I can say about myself is that I have lived a rather interesting and fulfilling life in my 40+ years, so if I died tomorrow I would die content with the path I have traveled. So suck it Visa! Smitty ain’t payin’!!

I really can’t say that I put much stock in the signs in the sky with the stars and planets, but one recommendation I can make as far as that goes is a video called the Star of Bethlehem. You can read up on it and purchase it from . It is well put together and thought provoking. Of course, you are getting this edition of The Dockline around mid-September, so you might want to rush order that video, just in case I am totally wrong about everything I just wrote.