Moving Day!

Today is the day the movers are coming to pack up our offices and move us to our new location. It is a bittersweet moment as we pack up the detritus of 30+ years, discard some things, and renew acquaintances with things long buried in nooks and crannies of our offices. Amazing what you find when you have to move everything.

Selling our location at 5223 Garth Road, which we called home for many years, was a good thing as it forced us to look at our accumulations and discard those things that have become no longer useful to us. A good spring cleaning was forced upon us.

Our move was supposed to have occurred on or before May 1, 2018, but due to mainly a problem with Comcast not being willing/able to provide internet service at our new location, we were forced to stay at 5223 Garth longer than anticipated.

Many thanks to our loyal clients who have visited us in our cannibalized building. Many things were removed in anticipation of an earlier move. We have existed without office doors for weeks and many other small things, such as wall hangings as the other inhabitants have moved away. The building has a hollow sound to it now.

I want to express my appreciation for Centerpoint for extending our move-out date. Otherwise, we would be in our building without internet and in this day and time, we would be simply treading water. Everything dealing with the courts goes over the internet and attorneys are required to file electronically. No internet; no communication with the courts. Even our phone now operate over the internet.

I am now looking at the movers and they want me to get out so they can pack and warp.

I am extending an invitation for you to come see our new location and offices at 1500 E. Wallisville Road. We are 3 miles west of Garth Road and 1.5 miles north of I-10 down Thompson Road.

Those of you who know of the Wallsiville Road Church of Christ are encouraged to come by and see the building and grounds. Tell us what you think, but be gentle. We have been working on this project for six months.

Thanks to everyone who has tolerated me during this period of adjustment, dealing with contractors, shortages, delays, etc.

Here’s hoping to see you down the road.


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