Rebuilding from Harvey

If you were affected by Harvey, as I was, your house is probably a messy construction site right now. I have drywall dust all over the place, furniture moved into crazy configurations and towels covering food and other important things. I have to say, I have learned a lot during this experience. Primarily, I’ve learned how to put on sheetrock mud, install flooring, and other useful home improvement skills. If my job as an IT professional ever falls through, I can go into the remodeling business. I’m getting to know the employees at Lowe’s pretty well at this point.

Fortunately, the light is at the end of the tunnel. Door trim and baseboards are going in and soon we will be down to painting and clean up. I’m actually enjoying living in my media room on the second story. The noise is blocked out, so I get to sleep in absolute quiet. My cat has decided to spend the entire night outside, instead of coming in and out, so I am sleeping better. I know that by the end of the year my house will be back to normal, and decades from now I can sit back and tell people stories about Harvey, like the old folks talk about Hurricane Carla. At this point, I really just need to win the lottery so I can pay for all this. ? It’s not looking like I will be writing any articles on summer vacation trips next year. I may be writing articles about how to pay off your Visa with your Mastercard, however.

My dog has been loving this entire process. Something is always going on around the house during the day. He has had constant company since the storm and is very curious about how flooring gets installed. He hasn’t been much help with the rebuilding process though. He’s constantly toting masks, tools, and other things out into the backyard for us to go find in the morning.

Well, I hope you are doing well in your recovery from Harvey. This whole process is painful at times. If you were blessed enough to not be affected, find people who were and offer a hand. My neighbor mowed my yard for me one day, as my mower had been submerged and wasn’t yet repaired. It saved me time so I could focus on getting things fixed in the house. Little things like that are big morale boosters when rebuilding seems so overwhelming. Hang in there. We will overcome this.