And it Came to Pass…

Eric Scott is an accomplished Bible teacher, speaker, entrepreneur, and Christian author.

Some folks get an education, take a job, work in the same place most of their lives, then enjoy a comfortable retirement. Some climb a corporate ladder, moving to faraway places to advance, hoping to one day occupy a corner office at a company headquarters overlooking a great city. Others engage in a craft they can practice anywhere, for as long as they remain healthy and productive.

Gifted athletes strive to compete against the best in whatever arena attracts them. Aspiring entertainers long to perform on the big stage. Almost everybody wants to feel like they invested their lives in something worthwhile. Most of us want to make a significant contribution and be significantly rewarded for it.

For some, that means a big house and a new car. For others, it’s a certificate, a medal, or a title on a fancy business card. For Eric Scott, whose life has taken him down many of those tracks, it’s now about researching, writing, and speaking until he exhales his last breath and hears his maker say, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord.”

Eric has degrees in Biology, Business Administration, and Theology, with certifications in Counseling and Commercial Food Handling. He’s also a licensed pastor and swimming pool builder. And he’s traveled in forty-nine states and several countries on three continents.

He started out in a swimming pool retail store and ended up owning two pool building companies. He has overseen the construction of hundreds of residential and commercial swimming pools. He joined a large international chemical company and later became the CEO of a multi-million-dollar startup chemical manufacturing concern. He pastored a few struggling churches with financial issues back to health, and for the past several years, owned a full-service restaurant. That’s where his story took a recent turn. Every range has peeks and valleys. Eric has now chosen to scale his highest mountain.

His father was a fighter pilot who was killed in action in the Korean War before Eric’s second birthday. His devastated mother dragged him from church to church and explored mystic religions, searching for God and looking for answers. During his formative years, Eric was exposed to a wide range of institutional religions that included virtually every Christian denomination and even a few occult practices. Early in his life, he learned the significant distinction between faith and religion. “Faith is what a person truly believes,” he says. “Religion is how people express whatever faith they choose to adhere to. A lot of people with sound faith aren’t very religious. And a lot of people who are very religious, don’t have solid faith.”

He drifted from religion and God altogether when he went to college and majored in biological sciences. Then, he engaged in a multi-year genetics project with Dr. Robert Freeman in the early days of DNA and chromosome research. That, going to church with his soon to be bride of 45 years who was a staunch Baptist, and a trip to the Kirkpatrick planetarium to view a depiction of the night sky from 5BC to 2BC entitled “Bethlehem Star”, changed the course of his life.

“The religious guy in me wants to believe,” Eric suggests, “but the science guy in me needs to validate.” Throughout his career, Eric has been a student of the Bible. He even invested two years at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Learning a little Hebrew has opened his eyes and helped him dig into the Bible to reconcile science, history, and Christianity.

Eric has dedicated himself to studying and writing about what he has discovered. “At the restaurant I learned that despite the adage, ‘you should never talk about politics or religion in public’, the one thing I consistently saw was that all my employees, and almost all my customers, wanted to hear what I knew about religion. And, having been on both sides, I find folks are more open and comfortable discussing the subject with someone who isn’t a religious professional of a particular stripe.”

Eric has written four books, two of which recently became new release best sellers in their category among Amazon’s extensive list of offerings. They are entitled: And It Came to Pass in the Old Testament and And It Came to Pass in the New Testament. One of his books, Simple Gospel, is included among the 93,000 revered texts, sacred fragments, and ancient artifacts on display at the prestigious Lanier Theological Library.

“I honestly believe, at this stage in my life, I am doing what I was born to do,” Eric humbly submits. He has been invited to several college campuses over the past few months to join with students and faculty in what is popularly referred to as Christian apologetics, reasoning the basis Christianity. “Being able to defend the Holy Bible on a college campus is the most invigorating, and the most important, task I can imagine as I consider the future of our nation, and our world.”

You can learn more about Eric, and explore the nature of his writing, by visiting his website – And, you can find his books on-line, or anywhere Christian books are sold. These books are good for individual enrichment or group study, and they make great gifts for believers and doubters alike. For inquiries, assistance, or to book a speaking engagement, you can contact Eric directly on his personal account at