And Then There Were None

“In the middle of life, we are in death.”

In November of 1939, Agatha Christie, the Queen of Mystery, published what many consider to be her masterpiece, And Then There Were None. The story centers on a group of ten strangers, gathered together in a desolate island mansion by a criminal genius. Throughout the story, one-by-one, all of the guests are accused of murder and are summarily sentenced to death by the mysterious U. N. Owen. One-by-one, they all succumb to Owen’s horrific plan until, And Then There Were None.

At the end of a long, hot summer, The Players Theatre Company wish to help by “chilling” the atmosphere; and what better way, than to present the chilling And Then There Were None by the acclaimed author Agatha Christie. The Players look to alarm audiences with this suspenseful tale starting October 19th and running through November 3rd. Suspense is the catch-word for this drama, as the audience will witness one murder after another until there are none.

The stellar cast for this thriller features many familiar faces to The Owen Theatre patrons. The cast, in order of appearance, includes: Zach Kirk as Frank Narracott, Rick Sellers as Mr. Rogers, Kim Lambright as Mrs. Rogers, Angie Miller as Vera Claythorne, Dave Kerr as Phillip Lombard, Kevin Downs as Anthony Marston, Dale Trimble as William Blore, Dennis O’Conner as General MacKenzie, Marilyn Moore as Emily Brent, Mark Wilson as Sir Lawrence Wargrave, and John McDonald as Dr. Armstrong. Joey Lamont will be directing.

Backstage, keeping the murders on track, so to speak, are Carole Lamont as Stage Manager/Assistant Director, Ravyn Taylor as assistant Stage Manager, Sue Hayes with costuming and Phillip Harris on sound.

“I could not have asked for a better cast and crew,” stated Lamont. “The chemistry between them all has been wonderful, right from the start. It is thrilling to be directing one of the all-time, classic murder mysteries, but to be able to direct such a talented cast is truly a blessing.”

Lamont describes the action on stage to that of train, it starts slowly with the introductions of all the characters, but once those characters start dying off, the story picks up steam until the end becomes a frenetic symphony of murder and suspense. It is difficult not to look away from all of that horror, but it is harder to not enjoy it.

Come to The Owen Theatre at 225 Metcalf Street in downtown Conroe, Texas and experience the “chilling” suspense of Agatha Christie’s bestseller And Then There Were None opening on October 19th, running Friday and Saturday evenings (8:00 PM), and closing November 3rd. There will also be a matinee (2:00 PM) on both Sunday, October 21st and Sunday, October 28th. Contact the Owen Theatre box office at (936) 539-4090 or visit the website at for tickets. Do it quick, before there are none.