District E Update

Dear residents of District E,

Its official Summer has arrived and our community around us will be undergoing seasonal change! Here are some tips to help you experience a smooth transition into these Summer months.

Summer has brought along with it all our community’s young students who will now be traveling on our community’s sidewalks, streets, and trails. Be aware of those who may be commuting by foot or bicycle to get to their destination. More people will also be taking a jog or stroll in your area, so make sure to look both ways at a stop sign and stoplight, coming to a complete stop. Remember pedestrians always have the right away.

The Houston Fire Department (HFD) reminds citizens about the importance of taking safety measures when outdoors to avoid heat-related medical emergencies, this also includes making sure caregivers “Look Before They Lock” for children left in vehicles. Keeping out for children left in vehicles is also a great reminder that pets should never be left in a vehicle on a warm or hot day either.

Before conducting outdoor activities and feeling thirsty, drink plenty of water and electrolyte-replacement beverages. Avoid beverages or food sources with caffeine, alcohol or large amounts of sugar because these can result in the loss of body fluid. Most popular sodas contain high levels of sugar and should be avoided when conducting strenuous activity. Avoid drinking alcohol the evening before conducting strenuous exercise as alcohol increases.

Conduct outdoor work or exercise in the early morning or evening when it is cooler. Individuals unaccustomed to working or exercising in a hot environment need to start slowly and gradually increase heat exposure over several weeks. Take frequent breaks in the shade or in an air-conditioned facility.

A wide-brimmed, loose-fitting hat that allows ventilation helps prevent sunburn and heat-related emergencies. A tight-fitting baseball cap is not the best choice when conducting strenuous outdoors activities. Sunscreen also helps protect injury from the sun’s rays and reduces the risk of sunburn.

Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing that permits the evaporation of perspiration. Do not leave children, senior citizens or pets unattended in a vehicle.

As the thermostat goes up, take a dip in your local pool and enjoy the cool water. If you bring children with you make sure to engage in active, focused, adult supervision which is the most important safety measure to prevent a water-related tragedy involving a child. The majority of children who drown in pools do so in the backyards of their own homes or of relatives. HFD also recommends parents and guardians learn CPR. Seconds count if a person drowns and performing CPR quickly and correctly can save their life. For more information on local CPR classes, please contact the American Red Cross, your local hospitals or medical schools. Finally, be prepared in case of an emergency.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your Summer months along with safety and comfort, if you would more information on Summer Safety tips visit http://www.houstontx.gov/fire/safetyinfo/SummerSafety.html