From the Managing Editor

Hola, Hola Baby! You know, I was thinking about this the other day. In Mexico they have a dry season and a wet season. Lately, in Texas we have had 4 seasons, wet, wetter, wettest and soaked! What is going on you ask? Well, I have the answer. I have done a ton of research and I have concluded that the best way to determine the weather is to open the door and go outside. If you get wet, that means we have a high probability of rain. If while standing outside you are dry, there is a good chance it’s not raining. So I guess my plans are to take each day at a time and deal with it then. That’s my opinion after many minutes of research of what everyone should do!!! LOL

Well, here we are – it’s already May 2019, and as always we are super happy to bring you another monthly edition of Dock Line Magazine. I want to mention our website and social media side once more. On the first day of each month there is a digital version of each edition ready for you all to read and interact with at From you can always go to our Facebook page and all our other social media platforms. There is always a lot going on throughout the month and many of our advertisers and monthly contributors are shared and talked about. It’s a good place to check out each day to see what everyone is doing while waiting for our printed edition to come out again. So, that said, Dock Line Magazine and all of our advertisers and contributors are always up to something and you might want to check them out!

That’s all for me till I see you again next month. Stay safe and don’t forget to tell people where you saw them – Dock Line Magazine!