Humble ISD Honors the 2018-2019 Teachers of the Year

Each year Humble ISD honors Teachers of the Year at both the campus and district levels. This year, Amanda Kopp of Groves Elementary was named District and Elementary Teacher of the Year and Daniel Green of Riverwood Middle was named Secondary Teacher of the Year. The two were selected from 44 campus Teachers of the Year. In addition to representing Humble ISD as the District Teacher of the Year, Kopp received a 2017 Jeep Renegade, donated by Bert Brocker and Texan Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. Green received a vacation to a home in Florida donated by Christian Eldringhoff and a first-class round trip flight for two, donated by United Airlines. Green and Kopp are both superstars in the classroom and use hands-on learning to equip their students with the tools and knowledge to help change the world.

Kopp, fifth-grade teacher at Groves Elementary, has created a classroom culture that allows her students to be engaged and excited about their education. She is passionate and intentional about engaging her fifth-grade students and preparing them for middle school and beyond. Kopp has changed the culture of her classroom by implementing independent learning projects and creating unique opportunities to enhance student achievement. She uses creative ways to keep her students engaged in the classroom by rewriting lyrics to popular songs to help students learn about science, connecting her students with classrooms across the world via Skype, and transforming her classroom into a spy training lab to help students master fraction units. “Students who feel connected to what they are learning will reciprocate with extra effort and their learning will soar,” Kopp, said. Kopp is open to new ideas and continues to create a unique and engaging learning environment for her students.

Green, seventh-grade science teacher at Riverwood Middle School, encourages his students to make others better each day. The foundation for all of his lessons and activities in the classroom are used to make others better. After Hurricane Harvey damaged East End Park, located near the campus, he led his students in a service-learning project to help restore the park. Green integrated the project into their ecosystem curriculum and students were tasked with designing a learning center for the park. This project gave Green’s students the opportunity to be engineers, architects, biologists, and teachers. “It is imperative for educators to fling the doors of public education wide open for all learners and to empower the future of our world,” Green, said. Green believes education must go beyond the classroom and learning should be an integral component of students’ lives outside of the classroom. Green’s motto, “Make Others Better,” transcends beyond his classroom because it empowers his students to show kindness and empathy towards others.