Lost in Yonkers

Neil Simon was a remarkable person; receiving more combined Oscar and Tony nominations than any other writer. Lost in Yonkers not only was a rough interpretation of his life, it also won him a Pulitzer Prize in 1991. While this has a touch of drama, Yonkers is really known for its comedic take on family during a trying time. In 1942, teenagers Jay and Arty find their lives turned upside down when their father leaves them with their strict, stoic grandmother while he goes on the road to earn money to pay off debts. Also living with them is their loving but absent-minded aunt, Bella. Small time crook Uncle Louie joins them while hiding from the mob. When their Aunt Gert comes to dinner, Bella reveals her plans to marry her movie usher boyfriend and open a restaurant with him. But where will they get the money?

Grandma (Robin Roberts) is the matriarch of the family; she escaped Germany during the first World War with her husband and her six children, two of which died. She has been hardened by the challenges in her life, and believes children must be strong to survive in life, even if it means sacrificing their happiness to do so. Robin has been in several productions with the Navasota Theater Alliance and The Theater Company in College Station. She won Best Supporting Actress for the 2014 season with her portrayal of the mother in Barefoot in the Park.

Aunt Bella (Angela Bowman) is sweet, loving and emotionally arrested. She has a tendency to make little if any sense when holding a conversation, jumping back and forth between the present and previous experiences, confusing herself with what is happening in the moment. She has dreams of having a family of her own. Angela is excited to be performing for the first time at the Owen Theater. She has appeared in New York and Connecticut on both film and stage.

Jay (Nico Montalvo) is the oldest son of Eddie. He is a boy about to become a man. He and Arty are close. Jay ultimately tries to be a good role model for Arty by showing him proper manners and correcting him when Arty is about to do something disrespectful or disobedient. Nico is no stranger to the Conroe theatre scene, but this is his first time ever performing in a non-musical! A senior in high school, he has done numerous acting competitions, such as competing on a national level with duo interpretation.

Arty (Ara Hollyday) is Eddie’s younger son who is bold and direct. Arty uses humor as a coping mechanism. He looks to Jay for approval but has his own opinions about his family’s situation. Ara is a 13 yr. old homeschooler. He has appeared in several shows in Conroe, including Glitz and The Addams Family. Ara also works at the Texas Renaissance Festival and was recently awarded 2018’s Best New Character.

Aunt Gert (Dina Havranek) has a condition which causes her to suck in her breath in the middle of her sentences. She attempts to mediate arguments between Bella and Louie. Dina was recently seen as Mistress Ford in The Merry Wives of Windsor at the Bard Fest in Conroe. She teaches 6th grade Science at Timberwood Middle School in Humble.

Eddie (Bob Galley) recently accumulated a massive amount of debt forcing him to travel to earn money, leaving his boys with his mother and Bella. He is a very emotional man, much to his mother’s chagrin. Bob was last seen at the Owen as Lendall in “Almost, Maine”, and was backstage directing all the set piece moves in “Chicago.”

Louie (Joey Lamont) appears to have a nefarious occupation, though he claims to be a simple businessman. He admits he does not like his mother, but he respects her. Joey has been with The Player’s since 2001 and won a Montie Award for his portrayal of Stanley in Streetcar Named Desire. He has directed two productions for The Players and met his wife Carole (also a Director) on our stage in 2006.

Director Roger Ormiston has been with The Players since 1981 and had performed on stage and behind the scenes for numerous productions. He previously directed The Cemetery Club for The Players in 2016. Roger is currently the President-Elect for The Players board of directors.

The Players Theatre Company invites you to The Owen Theatre at 225 Metcalf St. in Conroe, Texas to enjoy this family story which runs from January 25th through February 9th. For more information please visit our web site at http://www.OwenTheatre.com or call the box office at 936-539-4090.