No Reservations: True Texas BBQ

My husband Jim and I like to make grocery shopping at the Kingwood HEB an adventure…checking out the cool Texas themed items, hearing stories from Lou and (of course) stopping by the wine department to see what Michael and Candace have in their “special” cooler. It’s a very friendly and welcoming environment-Texas style. To paraphrase the welcome sign you see when you cross the border into Texas… “Shop friendly-the Texas way!” Now the HEB in Kingwood has stepped up their Texas welcome by greeting you with the aroma of smoked barbecue. True Texas BBQ opened its doors inside the Kingwood HEB in July and it already has a pretty darn good following. On a recent grocery trip, Jim and I timed it so we would be just in time for supper. We bumped into our friend Ron and invited him to join us.

At True Texas BBQ they are proud to say their meats are natural-No added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Everything is cooked and prepared on-site. The meats are slow smoked up to 14 hours with Texas Oak Wood.

You walk up to the counter to order your meal and are given a pager that lights up when your order is ready to be picked up at the window. Condiments and non-alcoholic drinks are self-serve, including the sauces (spicy or mild). There is an assortment of tables and booths in a pleasing, clean atmosphere.

Jim ordered the large Sliced Brisket Sandwich ($9.99) dressed with onions, pickles and a dab of their zesty BBQ sauce. “I’m loving the Texas sized slices of juicy, tender brisket. Look at the smoke ring around the edges- Now that’s a ‘Texas-smoked-to-perfection’ brisket…” said my hubby from Wisconsin. Fortunately, Ron is a native Texan and he took a look and agreed.

Ron had the Three Meat Plate ($14.79) which included sausage, chicken and brisket. He also had a choice of two sides-he chose Coleslaw and Brisket Greens. “The sausage has a good zip to it and the chicken is smoky tasty. Has a big flavor,” said Ron. You get a choice of fatty or lean brisket. Ron chose fatty. “The brisket is juicy, and the rub is real good,” he added. Jim and Ron both liked the coleslaw and the brisket beans were a big hit. “Those chunks of brisket really make the beans, they are good and spicy!” said Jim.

You can order a One Meat ($9.79), a two Meat ($12.29) or a Three Rib ($12.29) plate, each comes with two sides. The other choices for sides are potato salad, creamed corn, side salad, green beans, grapes and cornbread.

I had the Sauced Chopped Natural Brisket Stuffed Potato ($7.99). I asked for all the “add-ons” on the side (butter, cheddar cheese, sour cream and onions). The potato was cooked perfectly, and the brisket was so juicy, tender and flavorful that I never did add any add-ons! You can also have Sauced Pulled Natural Pork ($6.99), Natural Smoked Turkey Breast ($7.49), Chopped Natural Sausage ($7.99) or Natural Sliced Brisket ($8.69) atop your potato.

Additional sandwiches include Pulled Natural Pork ($4.09 regular; $7.09 large), Sliced Natural Turkey ($4.99 regular; $8.99 large), Chopped Natural Brisket ($5.19 regular; $9.29 large), Sliced Natural Sausage ($5.59 regular). You can add any small side and a regular drink for $3.

HEB knows the beverage of choice for barbecue is beer so they offer both craft and bottled. Tuesdays are $1 pints and they have happy hour specials throughout the week. Non-alcoholic choices include soda, tea, organic milk and organic apple juice.

Having a backyard barbecue, but missing the barbecue? Check out the BBQ Party Packs. A party of six can enjoy brisket, turkey, smoked chicken, brisket beans, coleslaw, green beans and potato salad for $11 per person. A party of 24 is $10 per person. You can also order brisket, turkey and pulled pork by the pound or Natural St. Louis Spare Ribs by the rack and half rack. They also offer full service catering. See their menu for the details.

I couldn’t help but notice the family sitting next to us having a great time devouring the Banana Pudding and Peach Cobbler with a multitude of spoons. I smiled and asked the adorable girl in pigtails if it was good. She gave me a cute, peachy grin and nodded. Her mom said “We love the cobbler and the pudding. Sometimes we just come for the desserts!” A Chocolate Oreo Pudding is also on the menu. Each dessert is $3.09.

We didn’t order dessert because Jim’s favorite dessert choice was a hop skip and a jump away in the freezer section. Blue Bell Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

As we were leaving, Jim noticed the sign for the Divine Swine Sandwich ($12) which has over 2/3 lb. of sautéed pulled pork, sausage and bacon topped with coleslaw on a toasted bun. He made a mental note to order that next time.

Google HEB True Texas BBQ to look at the menu. It includes the calorie content for each item. My potato was 660 calories. Good thing I did a “Double Aisha” that day…two classes of Zumba!

Y’all enjoy the BBQ!

The Kingwood HEB is located at the corner of Kingwood Drive and West lake Houston Parkway. True Texas BBQ is open daily from 11 am to 9 pm. I heard a rumor that on Fridays they will have Dinosaur-sized beef ribs. You can download their app and skip the line…. or go through the drive-thru!