Power of Possibilities

For two weeks during the summer, more than 7,000 seats were filled at Power of Possibilities, a tremendous series of training sessions geared toward inspiring teachers to imagine new and exciting ways to engage students in exploring, creating and learning.

Education experts, teachers and students all shared knowledge, techniques and experiences to inspire teachers to think about new ways to engage students in their classroom.

This is the second year for Power of Possibilities. The summer of 2017 was the first year and it began as a way for teachers to try some new teaching techniques and strategies in the classroom. This year it was expanded to include Humble ISD’s Portrait of a Graduate.

During the 2017-2018 school year, Humble ISD brought together students, parents, educators, business representatives and community members into a group of about 80 people to discuss what schools should focus on – above and beyond basic academic expectations – to best support learners in the 21st century. After much discussion and consideration of thoughts and ideas, the group recommended six competencies comprise a Portrait of an Humble ISD Graduate: communicator, global citizen, critical thinker, creative innovator, leader and collaborator, and personally responsible.

Incorporating the six Portrait of a Graduate competencies into Power of Possibilities training sessions helps teachers think about how to make content relevant to their students.

“Power of Possibilities is helping me realize that my job as a teacher is to teach more than just the content. I have to teach skills along with it. I have to teach kids how to learn,” Terra Farmer, Science Teacher, said.

“It’s all about the students. If we can engage students at a higher level. If we can get them excited about learning and empower them to own their learning and be more engaged in the classroom. They’re going to learn at higher levels,” Dr. Ann Johnson, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, said.

Teachers got hand on with new technologies for use in their classroom. Thanks to partnerships with Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union and Kingwood Emergency Hospital, many teachers won educational tools to take and use in their classroom.

Teachers took time during their summer to fill more than 7000 seats during this summer’s Power of Possibilities training sessions.

Jack Quillin, a student at Kingwood High School, taught sessions on communication strategies using Google Slides and Remind 101.

Power of Possibilities was held at Summer Creek High School from June 11 to June 14 and June 18 to June 22.