Rockin’ Robin Hood

By: Amy Sowers

Bravo Company, the educational wing of Stage Right, presents the tale of Rockin” Robin Hood by Brian D. Taylor, music by Eric Rockwell and lyrics by Joan Bogart. A slightly different take on the legend of Robin Hood, our story begins in a happier and more prosperous time in Nottingham. A young orphan, Robin Hood played by Cooper Ashley and his twin sister Hazel played by Emily Mathieson arrive hoping to open and archery store in the village. However, Robin soon makes an enemy of the Sheriff of Nottingham (Alex Wardell). King Richard (Ryan Kadlubar) has recently departed for the Crusades and sinister Prince John is now ruling the country. The greedy Sheriff and his avaricious fiancé, Lady Blackwood, take advantage of the king’s absence to tax Nottingham into poverty. The sheriff’s daughter, Marion played by Kayleigh McGrath is unaware of her father’s evil ways. Robin and his legendary friends Little John (Brayan Davis) and Friar Tuck (Brandon Mathieson) take to the forest to avoid arrest and help the people of Nottingham who are now starving. The story is full of excitement with chase scenes, prison breaks and an archery tournament along with medieval tunes and contemporary rhythms. It is directed by Amy Sowers assisted by Aaron Herrera. Music Director is Christina Hart. Our student director is Ashley Wienecke and the choreographer is Devin Norwood.

Residents of Nottingham include Mother Mary (Elizabeth Sanders), Sister Forthright (Cheyanne Williams) and Sister Patience (Evie Wyke) who care for the village orphans. One orphan, Maybe (Ginger Brown) thinks others should always listen to her advice. Another, Pete (Tanner Severson) longs for his own sword. Sam (Austin Krueger) seeks adventure and is determined to not be intimidated by the Sheriff of Nottingham. The village merchants are Avalee (Keali Krueger) who has the plumpest chickens for sale, Rosemary (Sloan Zuehlke), purveyor of herbs, Linnean (Amy Massey) who has the finest fabrics and Violet, the local flower vendor. Little John owns the local blacksmith shop and is assisted by his daughter Sayra (Ava Czahor) who aspires to be a warrior. Ellen-A-Dale (Payton Kuehn), a traveling minstrel, narrates our tale with her songs.

The sheriff’s minions, Regan (Ethan Sanders), Sir Guy (Owen Brown) and Sir Divvy (Canon Chrisenberry) help gather the money from the villagers along with the tax collectors (Alec Arabzadeh, Ryan Kadlubar, Natalie Murphy, Edlon Johnson). Needless to say, Robin Hood and his merry men will be tracking them down to recover money taken from the villagers.

Rockin” Robin Hood will be performed on Friday, May 9 at 7:00 and Saturday, May 10 at 2:00 at the historic Crighton Theatre, 234 N. Main, Conroe. Tickets are $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for students. You can call the box office for tickets at (936)441-7469 or by going to

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