The Play is ON at the Owen Theatre!

By: Terry Woods

Spend Some of Your Summertime with this Crazy Family from Small Town Texas

An elaborate set has been constructed on the Owen stage to look like a time gone by. The story of one crazy Southern family takes place in Lowake, Texas 1986. The play is none other than “Daddy’s Dyin Who’s Got the Will?”

It’s summertime as the story follows the misadventures of the Turnover Family who try to settle Buford’s affairs. But the ailing patriarch has lost the will. Watch as the four

children come home to the family estate to support their loved ones. Except this hilariously dysfunctional reunion has one main goal: who gets what? The script keeps the Buford’s laughing, crying, squabbling and complaining about the lost will. Watch as you wonder what will happen next.

“Daddy’s Dyin Who’s Got the Will?” is a character-driven comedy about a family’s dispute over their father’s estate. Del Shores’ play follows this Southern family as they squabble among themselves over the family fortune. Daddy, the patriarch of this large family is reaching the end of life’s journey as his health and energy slip away and he watches midget wrestling on a television that isn’t even turned on. Del Shores’ comic genius comes through with this play. There are definitive laughs for every person watching the show. The show can be described as sheer pleasure and madness.

Kerri Edwards makes her directorial debut with The Player’s Theatre Company as “Daddy’s Dyin Who’s Got the Will” takes place on stage. Kerri is a long-time member of the Player’s Theatre Company. Her first show with the Player’s was Miss Saigon. After that she was part of numerous shows including: “Meet Me in St. Louis” and “9 to 5”.

She remains an active member and a happy volunteer. Kerri is thrilled to be director of this funny, funny play and is very proud of her cast and crew. Her set designer is Michael Glass. Set decor done by Jamie Glass. This magnificent duo created, designed and built the set that became the homestead for this ensemble comedy. The set works beautifully as the Turnover family arrives and personalities clash.

To introduce the cast of “Daddy’s Dyin Who’s Got the Will” by Del Shores, let’s begin this seasoned, capable actor group with: Renee’ Cannon Poe (Sara Lee), Danielle Williams (Lurlene), then Barbara Polnick (Mama Wheelis), Angela Bowman (Evalita), Megan Nix (Harmony), Gale Tynefield (Orville), Steve Murphree (Daddy) and Tracie deRoulac (Marlene). You will be glad you made the trip just to meet this fine group of theatre thesbians.

Daddy’s Dyin Who’s Got the Will is sure to delight audiences at the Owen Theatre on the following dates: July 5, 6 at 8:00 PM and July 7 at 2:00 PM; July 12,13 at 8:00 PM and July 14 at 2:00 PM; July 19, 20 at 8:00 PM. Call the Owen Box Office for more

Information 936-539-4090 or buy tickets online at The average ticket price is $24.00.