Tomball Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce (GTACC) is best described as a partnership of businesses and professionals working together to build a healthy economy and improve the quality of life in the community. The GTACC does not solely connect businesses to each other, but instead serves in many capacities such as tourist information center, business spokesperson, economic developer, planner, counselor and teacher, government relations specialist, and public relations practitioner.

The GTACC strives daily to continuously serve its members which includes the small businesses around town, the mom-and-pop shops and eateries on the corner, the established banks, franchise and major retailers, and the local nonprofits. There are no limits on the number or kind of members that choose to get involved in the GTACC. The Chamber members are businesses, organizations, and individuals concerned with the socioeconomic climate of the greater Tomball area and have joined together because they stand a better chance of getting things done when speaking with a collective voice.

The GTACC is working diligently to strengthen this voice by increasing their membership. As of February 14, 2019 the number of members that make up the Chamber was 754. A Membership Event was held on February 19th through the 21st in an effort to increase this number to well above 1,000 members. A chamber with over one thousand members is one that does not go unnoticed or unheard when dealing with local, state, and federal leaders. The event is not one is that done by the GTACC staff alone. It is done with the help of hundreds of volunteers, current members, and advocates of the Chamber.

Following the Membership Event, the GTACC will be happily busy welcoming new members and discovering their goals, passions, and hopes as they become involved in the Chamber world. Bruce Hillegeist, President of the GTACC, states, “We want to chase the relationships, not the money”. And this is what the Chamber will be focusing on, building lasting and strong relationships with its members and connecting them with the resources they need to succeed in their businesses while making positive impacts to the community in which they live, work, play and/or worship.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce please call 281.351.7222 or visit