Veterans ID Cards

Honorably discharged veterans of all eras who want a new identification card from the Department of Veterans Affairs will be able to apply online by registering with the VA and uploading a photo, officials said.

2015 law requires the VA to issue a hard-copy photo ID to any honorably discharged veteran who applies. The card must contain the veteran’s name, photo and a non-Social Security identification number, the law states.

To apply for the card, veterans must register with, a process that authenticates users through the system, VA officials told on Oct. 16.

Doing so requires users to upload a copy of a valid government photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, and provide their Social Security number, among other information.

To complete the card application process, users will then upload a recent photo to the VA site that can be printed on the ID card, according to a lawmaker who introduced the legislation requiring the IDs. The cards will be directly mailed to the veteran.

No further information was available as to when in November applications will open, the turnaround time for the IDs or a specific address on the VA website where veterans can apply.

The ID cards are meant to offer a way for veterans to prove their service without carrying a copy of their DD214, which contains sensitive personal information such as veterans’ Social Security numbers. The new IDs will not, however, qualify as official government-issued identification for air travel or other uses.

NOTE: The demand for this ID Card has is high and the website might be overloaded with request. Please be patient. If you currently have a VA Medical Care Card a Veterans ID Card is not necessary to obtain.

If you have questions about VA benefits, please feel free to call Montgomery County Veterans Service at 936-539-7842 or via email at and visit us on Facebook.