A Christmas Gift

The Christmas Season is upon us and with it all of the wonderful experiences the season brings. The saying “Home is where the Heart is” strikes a chord in us whenever the time draws near. A feeling of warmth embodies the soul of the nation and brings a type of humanity not often seen into the world. During this time, much of the population will return to their homes to be with their friends and families. As a veterinary hospital, an essential part of our holiday joy comes from being with our four (or two) legged companions. However, not all furry companions have a place to call home during the holiday season. Shelters and Animal Rescues across the country try their hardest to provide warmth and comfort for their furry friends but often times this can be difficult. In Huntsville, Texas, one such Animal Sanctuary will have their story told and maybe inspire you to give a wonderful Christmas gift to a furry companion in need.

Little Woman Home for Animals was founded in 1999 by Dr. Carlos Arreola. The plot of land where the Sanctuary now stands was once home to six Grand Canyon donkeys that Dr. Arreola rescued from a ranch in Murchison, Texas. Dr. Arreola spent years helping humans and decided that it was long overdue for him to start helping animals. Once the land was purchased and the donkeys arrived, Dr. Arreola began to adopt any and all animals needing aid. As the Sanctuary grew, Dr. Arreola decided that a name was needed for the haven, he had once adopted a Chihuahua named Little Woman from an abusive situation. Many of the animals he brought to the Sanctuary came from abusive situations, so Little Woman Home for Animals was born. In 2002, Little Woman’s became an official non-profit Animal Sanctuary. At the Sanctuary, animals are not turned away for any ailments or past wounds they may have, every animal deserves a chance at a loving forever home. Adoptions are available but the volunteers of Little Woman’s are selective; trying to make sure all animals end up in the correct home. Dr. Arreola truly had a stroke of genius when he began the organization n 1999, leaving a mark which will forever be imbedded in the hearts of the animals and the people they touched. The organization is truly a gift for the unwanted and unloved animals of the greater Huntsville area.

The story of the Little Woman Animal Sanctuary is truly a tale to inspire. So, we at 11th Street Veterinary Hospital, challenge you this Christmas season, Christmas is a time to open your hearts to your fellow man or in this case your fellow animal. If you are looking for an animal companion this Christmas instead of buying a furry friend perhaps adopt from your local Animal Sanctuary. Christmas should be spent with those you hold closest to your heart and having a few furry friends in your heart never hurt anyone. Make your house truly a home this Christmas. As someone once said. “A house is not a home without a pet.” We, at 11th Street Veterinary are currently collecting new donations needed for Little Woman’s, these needs include:

  • Dog toys/Cat toys
  • Scoopable Cat Litter
  • Dog Beds
  • Friskies Pate (not fish)
  • Temptations Cat treats
  • Medium Dog Milk Bones
  • Purina One Complete for cats
  • Pedigree dry dog food
  • Cash Donations will be accepted