Dogs & Cats Truly Have a Friend with Dr. B

Forest Crossing Animal Hospital takes Man’s Best Friend to higher level

Pet parents will never look anywhere else once they meet Dr. G.W. “Jerry” Brzozowski, Jr., owner, founder, and veterinary doctor at Forest Crossing Animal Hospital. His compassion for dogs and cats shows from the building entrance with a gate before you get to the front door to the diffuser that calms your dog or cat while in the “cat room” or “dog room”.

“My wife actually thought about adding the iron fencing to the outside of the building”, expressed Dr. Brzozowski. “Animals are hesitant to enter a veterinary hospital and the fencing prevents them from getting loose and running out into the street.”

Dr. B was first interested in the care of felines when he lived on property in Beeville and had many barn cats that often were hit by vehicles as they scavenged for daily food. His interest peaked while attending Texas A&M University as he adopted dogs from the shelter that needed rehabilitation. He would examine the dogs, learn about their illnesses or hardships, and through his teachings at Texas A&M he would apply his education to assist the dogs to improve their health. His friends and colleagues would then offer to adopt the “healthy dogs” as their own pet.

“I worked with pocket pets-rabbits, ferrets, rats, and other animals in the shelters such as SPCA, and our local shelters. My passion is the little guys that really need a chance – the dogs and cats, especially at the shelters. I offer a free exam to all new adoptions from our shelters. The shelters don’t have all the resources to do everything and the animals need to start off on the right foot.”

“Many of the dogs at the shelter really have nothing wrong with them. Behavior issues are training issues. Dogs can be trained to respond favorably. That is the one of the biggest reason dogs are brought to the shelters.”

Dr. Brzozowski received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and Master of Business Administration from Texas A&M University. Having Type1 Diabetes himself, he is passionate about preventive care for both cats and dogs. He encourages a baseline blood analysis when they are young and then annually or as behaviors change to ensure a healthy and long life for all pets. Pets should have wellness testing before spaying or neutering since animals can mask an internal disease until it progresses to life saving measures. Internal parasites are common in many felines and cats are good about hiding them.

As a natural born scientist, Dr. B analyzes each pet to get them the best diagnosis and treatment for not only the pet, but the pet parents. “I had a patient that needed treatment for a tumor. There was more behind the tumor that needed treatment. If I had not done the research on the overall condition of the dog, the family would not have caught the other complications, besides the tumor. It’s important to educate the pet parents on the holistic aspect of their family member”.

His services go far beyond the normal expectations from a veterinary practice.

Forest Crossing Animal Hospital will do house visits. Yes, that is correct. Elderly pet owners, pet owners with large dogs, or owners with multiple animals may have difficulty bringing their furry family members to the practice. Dr. B encourages the families to call and make an appointment for a house visit.

The hospital can accommodate most surgical and non-surgical procedures for dogs and cats. Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic needs are referred to the closest Specialty and Emergency Hospital, Blue Pearl, located in Spring.

Other services they offer is boarding and hospice care along with grooming. Hospice care may include house visits as appropriate to ensure the family member is pain free and enjoys a quality of life. The Pet Resort offers supervised care 7 days a week staffed by trained specialists to give peace of mind when their parents cannot be with them. Additional fees are incurred for daily teeth brushing, 10-minute massages, play sessions, and daily coat brushing. Daily texts or emails offer additional reassurance on your pet’s well being while away. Alexa will trim your furry friend a fancy new style or get down to the skin to remove pesky matting to make the cats and dogs comfortable and fabulous!

“Nothing is more important to us than the overall health and wellness of your family member. We are advocates for your pet above all else. Our obligation is to educate the pet parents on healthy living holistically using natural remedies when possible.”

“We have on our staff 3 additional veterinarians to accommodate the needs of our patients. Dr. Donald Hay has an affinity for surgery, Dr. Charity Stone is certified in acupuncture treatment and natural remedies, and Dr. Erin Mairs enjoys diagnostic imaging. You will be greeted by the friendliest reception staff and then one of our trained technicians will extend the welcome by escorting them into the designated “cat” or “dog” room until the veterinarian arrives. You enter our gate knowing your baby is our #1 priority!”

If dogs could talk, they would recommend visiting Forest Crossing Animal Hospital and be excited about going to visit “Dogs’ Best Friend.” Animals can sense a scary place and while watching the animals go into the practice they were beyond excited! Trust is a word seen on many reviews for Forest Crossing Animal Hospital.

Learn more about Forest Clinic Animal Crossing at or email Follow them at Offices are located at 2330 F.M. 1488, Suite 100, The Woodlands, 77384. (936) 271-9300