Gutter Logic: Rainmasters 2002 Seamless Gutters, Inc.

What you need to know about gutters, but didn’t know you should ask

By Brad Meyer

Gutters are more than a decorative accent to enhance the curb appeal of your home – they serve an important role in moving rainwater away from areas where it is inconvenient and can result in damage to the structure to locations where it causes no problems.

So when thinking about installing, repairing or upgrading gutters, it makes sense to go with a company that specializes in the industry and has the experience and reputation you can depend on.

“Most customers are initially interested only in how much it will cost and when the job can be done,” said Trey Stevenson, owner of RainMasters 2002 Seamless Gutters. “Making a decision based on these two criteria is often not in the buyer’s best interest, especially when dealing with companies more focused on selling you what is best for them, not what is in the customer’s best interest.”

Gutters are utilitarian in that their primary function is to catch and redirect water. They help stop roof runoff that can drench visitors and family members entering your home and they help prevent water from accumulating around the perimeter and foundation of the home where it can destabilize the soil and lead to foundation problems.

“The key is working with an installation crew that knows what they are doing,” said Trey. “We’ve been in business since 2002 and have earned our reputation for quality and service because we actually train our installers, not just hire them and put them on a job to learn at the customers expense.”

Trey, a Houston firefighter, and his wife Amy, a teacher with the New Waverly Independent School District, operate RainMasters 2002 as a family business, focusing on doing one thing – gutters – and doing it better than anyone else at a fair and competitive price.

“There are a lot of ‘Chuck in a Truck’ home handymen out there, but it’s hard for homeowners to know if they are reliable and if they have the resources to truly stand behind their work,” said Trey. “A lot of our business comes from fixing mistakes made by unqualified installers who go out of business or change names when they get in trouble. It’s better and less expensive to get it done right the first time.”

While it looks simple, gutter fabrication and installation has a fair amount of science behind it. Gutter widths depends on the size, slope and pitch of the roof and the amount of water that must be accommodated. Gutters must also have just the right angle to keep the water moving.

“A lot of contractors will sell a 5-inch gutter and 2×3-inch downspout for standard residential use because they are cheaper,” said Trey. “The problem is heavy rain on a 1,200-sq.ft. roof can generate over 400 gallons of water per minute, overwhelming the gutter.”

RainMasters 2002 uses six-inch seamless gutters and 3×4-inch downspouts, available in a rainbow of colors. Experienced technicians and installer’s custom fabricate the materials onsite to assure an exact fit.

“The installation process is every bit as important as the quality of materials used,” said Trey. “Poorly installed gutters can actually cause significant damage that won’t be visible to the homeowner for several years, but will require expensive repairs.”

Most roofs have a drip edge installed at the top of the fascia board to prevent water from backing up under the shingles. Many companies will simply install gutters directly on top of the drip edge resulting in a greater possibility for moisture to seep into the fascia and cause wood rot – and expensive repair that should not happen if gutters are installed properly.

“We bend the drip edge along the top of the fascia board and install the gutter edge underneath,” said Trey. “It takes a little more time, but it makes a huge difference on how long your gutter system will be fully functional.”

That’s important because RainMaster 2002 offers a life-time warranty on gutters and downspouts as well as a transferable 50 year warranty if the property is sold as well as a one-year warranty on workmanship. Approximately eleven months after every installation, company technicians will come back to inspect the gutter system for structural and functional integrity and will clean out the gutters and blow off the roof as a courtesy.

“As a family-owned business, we believe our reputation for quality work and materials is unequaled,” said Trey. “We take pride in doing the best job possible for our customers.”

RainMasters 2002 has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is fully insured with general liability, workman compensation and automobile insurance.

RainMasters 2002 Seamless Gutters provides top quality installation, cleaning and repair services for residential and commercial clients throughout southeast Texas. For information or a no cost, no obligation evaluation and estimate, visit or call 936-295-1926.