Hill Country Rock – Bringing the Texas Hill Country to Houston

Reclaim, Restore, and Repurpose your project

Jason and Teri Mueller operate the family owned business, Hill Country Rock and Reclaimed Products in Houston with the first of its kind 6,000 square foot indoor stone warehouse with over 20,000 square feet of natural stone veneer in stock and available for immediate purchase. Their customers include remodeling contractors, residential and commercial builders, developers, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts with no minimum order required. In 2019 Hill Country Rock rebranded as Hill Country Rock and Reclaimed Products to introduce other products indigenous to the Texas Hill Country to complement natural limestone.

Their slogan “Hill Country Rock brings the Texas Hill Country to Houston”, has the Mueller’s routinely travelling to the Hill Country to discover “new” products to reclaim, restore, and repurpose. While the beauty of natural stone sells itself, the reclaimed products are what add the spark to complete the look.

Hill Country Rock was founded 7 years ago to bring limestone and dimensional stone to the Greater Houston area at lower prices and faster turnaround. The additional products include highly sought after reclaimed wood beams and mantels, Old Chicago thin brick, wine barrel décor, architectural steel accessories, limestone countertops, bench caps, and fireplace hearth stones-all sourced in the Texas Hill Country and brought to the warehouse weekly. They are the only stone warehouse in the Houston area that has the product convenient for purchasing when you see it and want it, not a 3 to 6-week backorder. Stop by their showroom and make all your selections in one easy visit and take it home with you that day.

One of their newer products is a reclaimed wine barrel fire pit with a custom limestone top that comes in 5 colors and because it has casters, it is made to be rolled around to different locations on your patio.

Jason Mueller has been around construction his entire life. His grandfather was a carpenter and built furniture. Jason would work beside his grandfather as young as 5 years old sorting nails or other small projects while watching grandpa work with projects involving wood and masonry.

“Construction has been part of my heritage for as long as I remember. It is very rewarding working one on one with customers to fully understand their needs and then turn their dreams into reality”, said Jason. His mind never stops thinking of new and creative products. “Some of my best ideas and mental clarity come through at 3 am in the morning” He keeps a journal with him to later share ideas with his wife, Teri.

Teri Mueller, Vice President and Comptroller of Hill Country Rock is the concrete to Jason’s ideas or his “Rock” of reality. She offers solid advice to implement the creative designs he generates. Most women are the final decision makers with respect to home projects. Teri has a vital role in working with the women to offer benefits and design advice. For most couples who visit the showroom, the wife will generally have last call on the final selections.

Teri shared a story of a local homeowner that came in and saw the unique natural limestone. He purchased the veneer for an outside patio, added hand-chiseled limestone countertops, and accented it with a 100-year old reclaimed wood mantle from the Civil War era. “The project was one of my favorites. It looks beautiful”.

It is an art to make outdoor and indoor living space comfortable with positive energy. Jason and Teri both embrace the concept of Feng Shui and the elements of earth, wood, metal, water, and fire. By combining the natural elements of stone, reclaimed wood, steel accessories, waterfalls, and a firepit, you can find the desired positive energy that offers a relaxing ambiance.

Every piece has a story. That story adds significant value to the architectural design and authenticity of the finished product”, explained Jason. “We have a 100-year old barn flooring that has been trampled on by horses and is now reclaimed, restored, and repurposed into a slider door. Barn doors on sliders add a lot to the trendy Modern Farmhouse style and are very functional”.

Stone quality is critical to retaining customers and earning referrals. Hill Country Rock has partnered with over 40 rock quarries from Austin to Oklahoma in search of only the best material available. Hill Country Rock is one of two stone fabrication warehouses in the Houston area that will cut, fabricate, and process thin veneer limestone locally.

Rustic, natural looks combining reclaimed wood shelves and Old Chicago brick reminiscent of the Civil War era are popular. “We are discovering another niche we have is adding architectural steel accessories to give a project a light industrial charm. The Feng Shui component represents about 20% of our total business. The concept provides great harmony and a positive energy to any environment. It really works!”

Jason and Teri are very excited to be the local artisans of Extreme Makeover. Homes damaged by Harvey, age, or other natural environment issues can be improved with limestone veneer often with little to no demolition of the home required. This is a huge plus in renovations that saves the homeowner money and time while restoring their living space.

“We just completed a brick home built in the late 60’s in the Memorial area that we restored with stone veneer that was flooded by Harvey. There was never any demolition of the home and we kept the integrity by adding the veneers”, said Jason. “For homeowners who don’t want to be out of their home, or not have use of their home while the project is underway, this is a viable solution.”

Thin natural stone veneer is the perfect application for bringing beauty and elegance to a project. Exterior applications simplify stone installation over roof lines, windows, and arch ways without the need for lintel support or a concrete brick ledge. Interior applications include stone accent and feature walls, stone fireplaces, stone backsplashes, and cook centers minimizing the amount of square footage normally consumed by conventional full stone.

From a google review, “My husband and I are building our dream home and decided to use Hill Country Rock as our stone supplier. Building a home can be very stressful but Hill Country Rock made it so easy for us to find the perfect stone. Not only did they have the best prices, they also helped us choose our mortar and stucco colors and sent us one of their crews to do the installation. The guys did a fantastic job and finished the house in 3 days! We are so happy and so blessed! Thank you so much Hill Country Rock, we will be telling our friends about you!

The Mueller’s are very passionate about taking the time to really understand the details of every customer project.

“Picking out the right stone is only part of the process. Choosing the right mortar color, tooling techniques and stone patterns are all equally important design elements that impact the overall appearance”.

Punctual, detail oriented, and only the best quality is what you can expect from Hill Country Rock. Shop the showroom to discover the different stone samples direct from the Hill Country in the comfort of a relaxed ambience at the Coffee Bistro. Or have a glass of wine or a cold beer while you choose the right design elements to make your dream project a reality!

Learn more about Hill Country Rock at www.HillCountryRock.com The warehouse and showroom are located at 10187 Windfern Road, Houston, 77064. Hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am- 4:00pm, Saturday by appointment. Call (832) 664-9117.