Renew, Don’t Buy New: Allied Quality Coating

Allied Quality Coating to add luster to outdoor living décor

Charles Dean is a resident of Montgomery with a large percent of his business from local residents who contact him to update their metal furniture or fences each Spring.

After establishing the first powder coating business in Houston with his brother in 1984, Charles moved to a quieter lifestyle in Montgomery where he spun off his own, Allied Quality Coating, in 1996. The process involves statically spraying the metal piece, baking it in the oven for 20 minutes until the powder melts to liquid, adding another coat of powder paint and baking it for another 20 minutes, and then letting it cool. When cool it is finished. The coated item left indoors away from the elements can last forever. The process is much more durable and dries faster than paint.

“Any metal you can heat to 350 degrees can be powder coated to increase durability, color, and a long-lasting lustered finish”, said Charles. “Fences, gates, motorcycles, vehicles, boats, and most certainly outside furniture or decorative pieces.”

In the beginning, the process of powder coating was used primarily for industrial and commercial uses, but homeowners have learned about the durability and use it for their outdoor furniture. Powder coating is used on washers, dryers, refrigerators, and indoor decorative pieces. Power coating is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and not susceptible to humidity, like regular paint.

“I like to say that we can actually make it look better than when it was new and it lasts longer. If you have a family heirloom piece that you need restored, we can do it. Every piece is sandblasted first to remove the old paint to make it bare bones. It’s quality work personally completed by me, the owner”.

Abrasive blasting not only removes the rust, slag and paint, it etches the metal so that paint, powder coating and other finishes adhere better and last longer.

“Its about doing it right, the old school way. Quality is the first priority and I offer my personal pledge to make sure that happens. We can make your pieces look better and last longer than store bought from the manufacturer,” said Charles.

Charles Dean is a self-taught SSPC Certified Protected Coating Inspector with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Each piece takes 5-7 days and is offered in an array of classic colors.

“Bring your car rims, frames, and collectible pieces from you prized vehicles or motorcycles to deal with the owner directly”.

Learn more about Allied Quality Coating at or email Offices are located at 23622 Sharp Road, Montgomery, 77356. (936) 449-6111