The Space Race: Storage 105 & Mail Store

Storage 105 is the “Storage King” of South Texas

By Brad Meyer

When clutter threatens to take over your home, it’s time to find a place for all those prized possessions, keepsakes and seasonal goods. For a lot of folks, that means a trip to Storage 105 & Mail Store.

The popular facility, located between Conroe and Montgomery, has grown considerably since opening in 2005. The 66-acre site now contains more than 1,500 storage units of various sizes and configurations, many that are climate controlled; the Poplar Business Park and a mail stop and shipping service for individual and commercial clients.

“We have units as small as five feet by five feet and up to 20 feet by 100 feet to accommodate boats and RVs,” said manager Richard Maynard. “We also have a parcel and mail stop to handle shipping. We work with FedEx, UPS, the US Postal Service and Lone Star Overnight.”

Richard and his wife Sandra have managed the property since 2007, but at the end of the day, they don’t have much of a commute. The couple lives onsite providing security and supervision for the complex.

“Our normal gate hours are between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. daily,” said Richard, “but sometimes a hunter is planning getting an early start or an RV owner wants to drop his vehicle off late at night. We’re here to help.”

Living onsite has advantages and disadvantages for the couple. It’s quiet and secure, for example – they don’t have to worry about annoying neighbors with loud music. By the same token, drop-by visitors are rare.

“We haven’t had a trick-or-treater at our home in 12 years,” quipped Sandra. “That’s something I miss.”

In addition to overseeing and supervising the property and day to day operations, Richard and Sandra are also in charge of taking care of the massive 60-ft. by 30-ft. American flag that flies on the 120-foot tall flagpole in front of the building.

“The flag has become an important landmark in the community,” said Richard. “A lot of people use it when giving directions around the south side of Lake Conroe.”

The flag is more than a simple landmark, however. Owner Jack McClanahan erected it in tribute to area veterans as part of the Lone Star Honor Flight program. The 2008 program honored World War II veterans throughout Montgomery County by transporting them to Washington D.C. to see military monuments and memorials built in their honor. Following five successful trips to the nation’s capitol, McClanahan offered space at Storage 105 for veterans to gather for coffee and conversation.

“This quickly became a popular weekly event, so we created a special permanent location for the veterans in the business park,” he said. “We encourage all veterans, active military, families and supporters to join us every Wednesday morning, starting at around 9 a.m.”

Keeping up with the huge flag is a challenge. Wind and weather can damage the 60-foot wide flag, calling for regular repairs and replacement. A total of 17 flags have been used since the program began, each lasting approximately six months.

“It’s important to note that each flag that has been flown is dedicated to local veterans,” said Richard. “Every honoree has their name on a small plaque mounted permanently on the flagpole. We are very pleased to take an active role in supporting our local heroes.”

Like the popular television show “Storage Wars,” Maynard acknowledged that Storage 105 holds occasional auctions to sell the contents of abandoned units.

“People move, pass on or simply forget about their units,” he said, “so we auction off the contents every so often.”

Unlike the television show, however, it’s rare to find valuable treasures inside the lockers, although there have been coin and stamp collections and firearms discovered in the abandoned units. Second-hand stores buy units with furniture and other household goods to stock their stores.The next auction of abandoned units takes place at noon on Saturday, Feb. 16.

What’s Next?

If you’re a fan of the popular television show “Storage Wars,” check out the next public auction of abandoned units at Storage 105 at noon on Feb. 16.

Storage 105 & Mail Store is located at 13921 Texas 105 between Conroe and Montgomery. For information, visit or call 936-588-1900.