The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital: Mental Wellness From Experienced Staff

No one likes to admit they need assistance with mental health issues resulting in anxiety, drug abuse, or suicidal thoughts. Just as with physical illness, the sooner the mental condition is treated, the better the outcome. The staff at The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital take a different approach to healing emotional wounds than traditional psychiatric hospitals. The hospital provides the most comprehensive approach to holistic mental health services in the community with a 5 star rating.

Unlike traditional psychiatric hospitals, patients (guests) are not sequestered or locked in the building. Clients retain access to electronic devices allowing them to keep up with work and other support systems. Visitation by family is encouraged rather than restricted. Eighteen beds are available for voluntary admission to the boutique mental health facility. No one is held against their will.

“While not a good fit for everyone, such as someone in psychosis, many mental health concerns such as depression, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, suicidal thoughts, and PTSD, don’t require a lock down facility”, said Julie Overstreet, Director of Marketing and Community Education. “As a smaller boutique hospital we can personalize the treatment plan to be as unique as the individual.”

The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital is a private psychiatrist-owned psychiatric hospital providing short-term inpatient behavioral health treatment for adults. The hospital has supportive trained psychiatrists, licensed registered nurses, clinical social workers and licensed professional counselors in addition to peer support specialists.

“Peer support may be our secret sauce”, Overstreet says. “Not only are they trained health coaches but because they have lived experience with mental health issues as part of their resume, they build meaningful relationships with street credibility. Our guests can see how much they genuinely care about their outcome.”

Dr. Emad Mikhail Bishai, the lead physician and psychiatrist-owner is a resident of Montgomery County. He is one of a handful of doctors triple-certified in psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and pain management, enabling a comprehensive understanding of diagnosis treatment planning. His far-reaching multidisciplinary training and experience of over 25 years, combined with a relentless pursuit to study and seek the newest treatment options, enable him to provide expert holistic mental health management.

“Treating the whole person holistically ensures the best outcome for my patients. My goal is to turn off the emotional pain and prevent the patient from hurting”, said Dr. Bishai.

Services at the inpatient facility include individual counseling, support groups (to include family members), drug and alcohol detoxification, medical management that may include psychiatric medicines, pain management, and Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Ketamine was recently approved by the Federal Drug Administration to treat a variety of mental health conditions and diminish suicidal thoughts. Ketamine infusions are administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist in a quiet room monitored by a psychiatrist.

In addition to inpatient psychiatry pain management is administered by Dr. Bishai through The Woodlands Pain Institute located onsite. Dr. Bishai specializes uses minimally invasive techniques to treat his patients for chronic or acute pain. With a comprehensive, innovative approach of combining Pain Management, Psychological support, his Orthopedic training, and the essential balance of Anesthesia, Dr Bishai is only one of very few doctors with such far-reaching, multidisciplinary training and experience.

Connect and allow The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital’s experienced staff to achieve wellness, reduce any physical or emotional symptoms, and rebuild your life.

For more information about The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital go to their website at or call the office at (281) 383-9366. The clinic is located at 1006 Windsor Lakes Blvd, #200 in Conroe. Email Call (281) 292-PAIN to speak to a member of the staff of The Woodlands Pain Institute. at email