Fishing Adventures







2-17-18 Texas A&M Anglers Club

It is Saturday morning, the Aggie Angler’s met at Seven Coves Marina on Lake Conroe for a club tournament. This tournament is between the members of the fishing club at Texas A&M College Station.

In this tournament the anglers that have a boat do a random draw for a co-angler to fish with them. While everyone was dropping the boats in at Seven Coves Marina it was misting rain. It soon stopped when they were getting ready for takeoff.

As my mom walked back past the dock there were two anglers working on their boat. Somehow the metal got bent and they were not able to put the trolling motor down. They wanted to go up north and she offered to have them come by the house to see if my dad could help them, so they could fish the rest of the day using their trolling motor. When she got home they were already there. My dad got his tools and was able to help them bend back the metal. After he got it adjusted the tool slipped and feel into the lake, but at least he fixed their boat and got them back on the lake and into the tournament. He had to get a magnet to fish the tool out of the lake. Thanks for my dad’s help.

Grant’s partner was co-angler Garrett Gregg, from Austin, Texas. They left at 7 a.m. and went to the first spot. It took an hour searching around in the same area where they started, then they finally found the fish. These fish were staging on a creek channel right next to a flat. Grant got the first bite and pulled in a 4 pounder next to the boat and grabbed it by the lip and pulled it in. As soon as he got that one in he got another, it was 6 ¼ pounds. WOW, two fish back to back. Got her next to the boat and lipped her. The net was not in the boat when he left and honestly, he did not think he would even need a net.

He left that spot and went to another location in the same area and did not catch any. They went back to the first spot, which was a small area and caught 2 more. They kept fishing and Garrett caught one on a jerk bait. By 10:00 a.m. they had 5 fish. They stayed in the same area fishing and culled quite a bit. They caught approximately 20 fish.

Grant’s partner that he always fishes with at the Bassmaster and FLW College tournaments is John Jay. He told me about his day and this is how it went. His partner was co-angler Austin Whatley. John caught 3 fish at 11:00 so he said he knew he had to make a change. He went to one spot and caught a 3 pounder right away. They stayed at that spot and caught 40 fish and culled 12 times. They just could not get the big bite. They caught so many 3 pounders, but they were all the same size. He said, “It was so much fun regardless!” They were fighting hard and we were catching a lot! He said, “He was super happy that Grant caught that monster bag, that’s special!”

At the end of the day Grant and Garrett brought in a huge bag of fish. Trey and I came out to support Grant at the weigh in. I could not just stand there and watch I had to get on the boat and I filled the bag up with water, Garrett and Grant got the fish out of the well and put them in the bag. There was so much water and those fish were so big I thought they were going to come up to the top and escape when Grant was carrying the bag up the pier. When they got them to the weigh in area and put them in the plastic box on the scale they went crazy, it took 2 guys just to keep them in the box, they were very feisty and frisky and ready to jump out and get back in the lake. The 5 of them weighed 26.25 pounds and the Big Bass weighed 6.23 pounds. Grant and Garrett took the fish back to where they caught them because they thought they were ready to spawn. Normally when you release fish they go back to the place where they were when you caught them.

John Jay and his co-angler, Austin Whatley came in 2nd place with 16 pounds.

Brady and his co-angler, the guys that had boat trouble also had 5 fish and brought home some money. It was a great day for them also. Gig Em AGGIES!

3-10-18 Lake Houston Fishing Tournament

It’s 64 degrees on a cloudy morning on Lake Houston. When we started out it was misting rain but soon it stopped. This is the final tournament within our region. We have 24 teams competing from Montgomery High School and 167 teams from the Houston region on Lake Houston today. Currently we are leading the conference by 5 points and today we will find out which school will be the Conference champions for the year. This is Hargrave’s home lake and the competition will be tough. You never know which way it will go. In April the qualifiers will be going to the Regional Championship.

My brother Grant is on Spring Break fishing on Lake Travis so Mr. Dawson, Trey’s dad is our boat captain for this tournament. It’s barely getting light and the first cast is at 6:15 a.m. At 6:45 I caught a fish. That’s a good sign at least we are on the fish. Pulled it in and it was short. Threw it back in the lake. This lake does not pull in as many big fish like some of the other lakes. The average is 2-3 pounds unless you get lucky and catch a big one. I caught the first keeper at 7:00 am. Like I said these fish are small, but I am not complaining IT IS A KEEPER! Yea!!! I don’t know if you realize sometimes it’s difficult to catch even one small fish. We both caught 3-4 but they were all shorts. I had one on the line and Trey had just made a cast and he heard me set the hook. He dropped his rod and went to grab the net and as he was grabbing it I went to swing the fish into the boat and instead of it coming in the boat, the fish hit the side of the boat and as I pulled him over the top edge the the hook came out and I lost him. We were not sure he was a keeper, but we were still bummed we lost him. Trey put the net down and grabbed his line which was still in the water and as he picked it up he felt the bait and the line was swimming to the side. He reeled up and set the hook and the fish came flying out of the water and missed his dad and hit the dash landing in the boat. Although that was pretty exciting, he was too short.

We arrived at a new spot up the river, we had this place to ourselves, not a boat in site near us. At 8:30 I got another keeper. 8:35 Trey got one. We got our 4th before 9 am. It looks like a great day. At 9:20 we caught more shorts. Trying to get number 5. I got number 5 at 9:42. Now it’s time to cull. Fishing in a creek. We usually fish in my boat and this time we are in Trey’s boat and he does not have a culling beam or culling clips in the boat. We’ll we will just have to eye ball it to see which is bigger and figure it out. This could be crucial since sometimes the numbers are so close that they are only ounces apart. Culled first one at 10:15. We are going around the bend up the river in the creek. Culled number 2 at 10:45. Now it’s about 1:10 and we decided to go back to where we caught the largest amount of fish in the beginning. We fished till 3 p.m. when lines have to be out of the water. Although we did the best we could, we just couldn’t find a big fish. We are trailering so we are on the way back to the ramp and have to be back in the weigh in line by 4:30. We had a good day of fishing, just wish we could have found a big one today. We ended up in 11th place out of 167 teams and Montgomery High School won 1st place for Lake Houston and we also came in first place for the Conference for the Houston Region. A lot of our teams did really well today. THROW IT OUT, POP IT IN, FISH ON!