Fishing Adventures with Derek Pietsch

1-26-19 BFL Cowboy Tournament – Toledo Bend

It’s 4:45 am on Saturday morning. The alarm is buzzing, I would like to sleep a little longer but I have to meet Robert, my co-angler that is fishing with me at the boat ramp.

This is my first BFL Cowboy Tournament. The tournament today is on Toledo Bend and there are 171 boats competing. We are boat number 170. The boaters compete against each other and the co-anglers compete against each other. As a boater I stay in the front of the boat and the co-angler fishes out of the back of the boat.

When I was pre-fishing I found a big school of fish. They were staging and that is where I want to start fishing today. Being that we are one of the last boats called someone might get to my spot first. This is a big lake but you never know.

It’s a chilly 37 degrees this morning. I am all bundled up in my hunting jacket, long johns, face mask and wool socks. The sun is peaking through the clouds and hope it will warm up. The high today is 58.

We raced across the lake to my first spot that I found the school at practice. I caught the first fish and it was a keeper. Robert got 1 bite and then I caught another fish, too small, had to throw it back. I got 3 more bites and that was it. My fish had moved. The one I caught was a keeper but nothing like the bigger fish I caught the other day.

Disappointed, we left and went to the cuts and fished the cypress trees. Again, no bites. We cut across the lake to the Louisiana side and Robert caught 2 in a pocket. At least he was catching something. Those bites stopped so we crossed over to the other side of the cove and Robert caught a big 4 pounder. Things were looking better for him, but it sure was a slow day. Then we ran to another creek and I caught 2 more keepers. Now we were out of time and it was time to go in. We both had 3 keepers each. One of the things I learned about Robert while we were fishing together was that he holds the lake record for Lake Livingston with a 13.19 pound bass. He caught it in February of 2010. It was caught on a 1.5 crank bait in 5-6 feet of water. Today it still remains the biggest bass caught there. That’s an incredible double-digit bass! My dream is to catch one that big one day.

Some of my other friends were also in this tournament and they did not do very well either. Several caught 1 fish and some zeroed. I ended up with 6 pounds 14 ounces. There were over 50 boats that zeroed. I will count my blessings that I was able to catch 3 keepers. Robert ended up getting a check with his 3 fish. Congratulations to him!

The next tournament will be on Sam Rayburn. I look forward to bringing in bigger fish. A big Thank you to my sponsors Shipley Do-Nuts and Strike King!