Fishing Adventures with Derek Pietsch

4-5-19 FLW Yeti College Tournament – Lake Texoma

Trey and I arrived on Thursday evening at our cabin at Lake Texoma. We were getting our rods out of the back of the truck and we spotted a cat. Trey and I love animals. Trey started meowing at the cat. It looked just like my cat I raised from a tiny baby kitten, named Angel. It was a striped tabby and super friendly. It walked up to us and we started petting it. She loved the attention and kept hanging around with us. We were working on the boat and the back of the truck was open and Trey said, “Derek the cat is in the truck”. We couldn’t believe it. Guess that cat was ready to go fishing with us. We got her out of the truck and before you know it, she was inside our cabin.

It’s Friday morning and a chilly 49 degrees with fog. There were patches of fog last night but this morning the fog is very thick. We went to the meeting and the tournament director told us that the tournament would be postponed until the fog lifted. Who knows how long this could take. We sure did not want them to cancel the tournament since we had taken off school and drove this far. It is a 4 ½ hour trip from our house and 2 hours from Galveston. That is a lot of driving. Little did I know how much I would be driving this weekend. We launched the boat and four of us tied our boats together. Others were parked at the docks and we all just hung out waiting. You get hungry just sitting around so I pulled out the sandwiches and snacks that were in the cooler and started munching. Might as well eat now. We will have to make up for lost time on the water. Some of the guys were laid out on the deck taking a nap and some were just talking to their friends waiting for the take off. The tournament director would go out in a boat every hour checking to see if the fog had cleared. When the fog is this thick it is extremely dangerous. Boats have driven up on the shore because the fog was so, sometimes you cannot see 20 feet in front of you. We sat on our boats for hours just waiting. We all wished we were in our beds sleeping in. Finally, after 3 hours the tournament director said, “The fog is cleared, let’s go fishing”. We were ready to go. We put on our lifejackets and headed toward the pier where we lined up for takeoff. At this tournament the director calls us up by our number and we each drive by and open up our live wells and pull our kill switch and proceed in a line out to the main water slowly like a snake moving through the water.

Trey and I were number 26 out of 101 boats this morning. Even though they postponed the tournament for 3 hours we all have the same weigh in time. At practice our big bites were in the early morning so I hope this does not hurt us. We are now leaving and it is 10 a.m. It was a 3-hour delay.

Our first stop was only a few minutes from the Marina where I caught my big small mouth bass during practice last week. We fished 10 to 15 minutes on a point and Trey caught a 2 ½ pound largemouth. We kept fishing down the bank and Trey caught a little small mouth.

We fished the docks on the way to the back of the cove. We arrived at our spot and were fishing with crank baits. Trey hooked on. The fish was jumping around going nuts. Trey got even more nervous when I said, “It was a BIG SMALLMOUTH!”. He wanted to catch one really bad and did not want to lose it. Trey pulled it up and I netted it. That fish was barely hooked. Only 1 treble hook was on the side of the mouth. Trey touched the hook and it came right out. Trey yelled, “Woo-Hoo” and he fist bumped me out of pure excitement. That was Trey’s biggest small mouth. Those were the only 2 small mouths he has ever caught. Those smallies are so fun to catch and they put up a good fight. We ended up in 27th place with 8 pounds 6 ounces.

After the tournament I got in the truck and drove to Toledo Bend to practice for next weekend. I spotted some big fish on beds. I found lots of fish today but did not hook them. I stopped to get something to eat and then made it all the way back home in Montgomery to drop off the boat when I noticed I did not have my computer, I had left it at the restaurant when I stopped to do my homework. I had to get back in the truck and drive another 4 ½ hours there and another 6 more hours to get back to school. I finally made it home close to midnight and I was so tired. THROW IT OUT, POP IT IN, FISH ON!