Fishing Adventures with Derek Pietsch

5-13-19 Derek and Parker Lake Conroe

Huge 36.3 Pound Sack of Bass

Parker and I went out for a casual day of fishing on Lake Conroe. We started out slow on the north end of the lake. We worked our way back down the lake, catching fish along the way. Nothing crazy, just 2-3 pound keepers. We were using a swim jig, Carolina rig, and crank baits. Both of us started getting hungry so we went to Micky D’s to get a quick bite to eat.

We finished lunch and we both said, “Let’s kick it in gear”. May is Parker’s favorite time of year for fishing! Parker said, “Let’s catch a big bag”. Parker told me he had a lot of good spots right now so I was all in.

We went to the first spot after lunch and we were fishing in 12-18 feet deep water with a 5XD deep diving crank bait and Parker lost the first fish which was approximately a 7-8 pounder. Then I hooked up a 7-5 pound bass on a jig. We decided to leave that spot because we wanted to save it for a tournament. We went to a channel swing; this is where the channel bends at a point. I caught a 6 pounder on a crank bait. When I pulled him up I noticed he had one eye missing. Maybe he got in a fight. Who knows? We went to a few more spots and Parker wasn’t catching anything. Next stop was an isolated brush pile and I caught a nice size bass. We took this one to Walden Marina to confirm the weight on their scale. It weighed 7-7. We spent the rest of the day catching 2-3 pounders. Both Parker and I were really pushing to break 30 pounds. We were at 28 pounds at 3 pm. I caught another 7 pounder at 7:48 pm. That put us at approximately 32 pounds at 8pm. Parker wanted to leave but I wanted to stay. I couldn’t believe the day we were having. It is rare to catch this many big fish in one day. This is what I would call one of the best days of fishing in my life. Parker was getting aggravated because I was catching all the big fish. I was on fire and could not stop. Parker was trying to blow the whistle a little too early but I convinced him to fish a little longer. That payed off. Glad it did. Parker hung in there with me and on the last cast of the day he caught an 8-2 on a jig in 8-12 feet of water. That made it worth staying for him. The fish he caught was the icing on the cake. We ended up with a 36-3 Trophy Bag of Bass. Too bad this was not a tournament. It was an INCREDIBLE DAY! We fished from sun up to sun down.

5-18-19 3F Tournament – Lake Conroe

On Saturday morning Dylan and I fished in the 3 F Tournament, (Faith, Family and Fishing). There were 45 teams competing for the top prize of $1,000.

We started out on a shad spawn up on the north end of the lake. Dylan and I both caught 2 fish each, 4 keepers. We also caught 2 shorts.

It rained off and on and sprinkled on us. We moved down south and fished brim beds and brush piles using crank baits, jigs and big worms. Our fish were stressing so we released them and they went straight down to the bottom of the lake. We culled down to 4 fish twice. If your fish dies in the boat you have to keep it and points are taken away from your total bag. It is best to release them if they are stressed so that they can live.

We ended up with 5 fish and 14.88 pounds.

5-25-19 Texas A&M Fishing Tournament Fundraiser Benefit

There are so many people that like to fish and will get to their spot however they can. If you have ever been down 1097 really early in the morning. I am talking about before the sun comes up you will see people that are determined to fish off the bridge and how they get there. I am on the way to Stow-A-Way Marina and I see a man and he is pulling a utility wagon. It has lights on it so the cars can see him walking on the side of the road. It is filled with several rods and reels and fishing tackle. That cart was full. I am sure there was an ice chest filled with food and drinks and also a chair to sit back and relax while fishing. I am a little further down the bridge and here comes another man with his wagon also filled with his fishing gear. A fisherman that is determined to live his passion will find any lake, river or ocean and some special means to get there. It is a passion so deep in their heart and soul that they are driven to do whatever it takes to enjoy a day in the beautiful outdoors.

I completely understand the passion for fishing. I started fishing from the bank catching perch and catfish. I would go to different ponds, lakes and rivers just to see if I could catch a fish and what types of fish were in the water. I would also go to the beach and fish off the jetty. One time a seagull got hung in my line trying to steal my fish. You just never know. Each time I would learn something new and enhance my skills and knowledge of what type of water I was in and what type of bait to use for certain fish I was trying to catch. I would fish out of an inner tube and paddleboat until I finally got a john boat of my own. I was out discovering all types of places to fish in different lakes and I was able to reach places where the fish were hiding. I was hooked for life when I finally landed my first bass.

Today Parker and I are fishing the Texas A&M Fishing Tournament Benefit. This tournament is hosted by some of the guys I originally started fishing with in high school from the Woodlands team. They are raising money for expenses for the team. If anyone would like to sponsor the Texas A&M College Station Aggies or the Texas A&M Galveston Aggies we welcome any sponsors that would like to donate to our team. We both have a great group and can always use some extra help. Please call 281-413-7576 if you are interested in donating to either A&M TEAM. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Parker and I launched our boat and went to our spot. Lines in the water at 6:45 am. By 7:30 we had 3 fish in the boat. By 9:30 am we had 5 fish but had lost 2 big ones that we should have had. I had to drop Parker off at 1:30 so he could get to his graduation ceremony. I continued to fish and cull the small ones out for larger ones. I culled 8 times. I had a 5 pounder on and he jumped in the air and threw the hook. I also had a 4 pounder throw the hook. Nothing I could do. He just did not want to get caught.

We ended up with 18.88 pounds. We caught so many fish and lost those 2 big ones that cost us going into the big money. At the end of the day we got 4th place and a check that payed for our entry fee so we broke even. It was a great day on the lake even though it was busy since it was Memorial Day. Congratulations Parker on your graduation.

6-8-19 BFL Cowboy Tournament – Sam Rayburn

It is June 8, 2019 on a Saturday morning. I will be fishing the Cowboy Tournament on Sam Rayburn. My co-angler today is Hannah. She is from West Monroe, Louisiana and she works for Talon Lures putting the lures together. There are 13 boats in the tournament today and we are number 39. My friends Joe, Chad and Dylan are also fishing today.

The first stop Hannah caught a dink. Then I caught a 3 pounder. Hannah said, “ I was in the lead”, but not for long. She caught a 14-inch keeper. We left and went flipping docks. We caught about 15 fish, but did not catch the quality fish we wanted. By 11:00 we had our limit and we began culling. I was catching a lot of fish and I told Hannah my wrist was sore and she thought I said, “My wrist was short”. She said, “What are you talking about”? You have legs for days. She thought I was super tall. Her favorite way to catch bass is fishing deep. She told me I made her feel like one of the guys. We had a great day fishing together.

We drove up to one of my schools that I found and the fish were suspended. I told Hannah they are just chillin and hanging out. Those fish are not going to be interested in eating, they are kicked back relaxing. We caught 2 keepers there then decided to move on. We left that spot and fished around and caught more fish. I decided it was time to go back to the school I located to see if they were ready to eat. When we arrived, they were hungry and we caught all our fish there. Hannah caught a nice 6-1 pounder. We caught approximately 30 fish in this one location.

At the end of the day I had a bag weighing 12-15 and so did my friend Joe. I am currently in 22nd place out of 247 teams for the season. We have one more tournament in September in this division and then the top 40 percent move on to the Regional tournament in October. Hannah ended up with a huge 17-9 bag and I kept telling her she was going to come in first. I was excited that she had a nice bag and she was fishing in my boat. I enjoyed fishing with her and she even gave me a big bag of jigs. We were waiting to see the results and then another guy came in with one pound more at 18-9 and that put her in second place. He was Joe’s dad’s co-angler. THROW IT OUT, POP IT IN, FISH ON!