Lake Conroe Fishing Report

Black Bass: Now that the heat of the summer is here, the bass pattern will be a little more predictable. Dragging Carolina worm rigs over submerged pond dams, roadbeds, creek channel ledges and main lake points can catch many of these fish. Depths may vary depending on the time of day. Also, try fishing deep diving crank baits over these structures, as they might want baits that imitate shad.

Crappie: Crappie action during this time of year can be fair if you fish minnows and jigs around the pilings under the 1097 Bridge or brush piles in 15’ – 20’ depths. Try moving from one location to another to locate some action.

White Bass & Hybrid Striped Bass: This is one of the best months to catch these fish. I like to start out by trolling pet spoons behind deep diving crank baits to catch these fish because these fish are usually scattered in small schools, and this method covers a great amount of area. Their depth can change from different times of the day, sometimes only 10’ from the surface down to 20’ or deeper. If they are close to the bottom, I will bounce slab spoons to get some action.

Catfish: Good Catfish action can be found along the main river and creek channels in 18’ – 25’ depths, and also under the 1097 Bridge. Several baits will work such as chicken livers, night crawlers and assorted types of stink baits. Your best action during this time of year is to start at daybreak and sometimes right at dark.