Lake Conroe Fishing Report

 Black Bass: The time of year is now that a bass fisherman has a chance to catch the largest bass of his or her life. Most of these fish are in the back of shallow coves making ready for the spawn. Spinner baits, plastic worms and lizards or shallow running crank baits are all good baits to use and catch bass in these areas. The magic water temp is just over 60 degrees or so.

Crappie: Crappie action is also good in these shallow coves and using minnows under a cork is a fun and easy way of catching come good slabs. I like to move slowly along the banks of a cove until I locate a branch or laydown tree in the water. Then I will fish these areas for a while since crappie will often bunch up around this kind of structure. Under boat docks and along the pilings are good places to find crappie as well.

White Bass & Hybrid Striped Bass: At this time of year these fish can be found on submerged humps and points anywhere from 15’ – 25’ depths. I like to start out by trolling crank baits or spoons. If I locate these fish near the bottom, I like to use ¾ oz. slab spoons and bounce them along the edge or drop-offs near the bottom. Using your electronics is the best way to locate just what depth that they are in.

Catfish: Catfishing is almost always going to be good at this time of year. Try baiting up areas along a creek or river channel with range cubes or milo and use chicken liver, shrimp or dip baits and you shouldn’t have any trouble catching a good mess of cats. If you are not having any luck, try the pilings under the 1097 Bridge.