Lake Conroe Fishing Report

Black Bass: March is when Lake Conroe Lunkers start prowling around looking for a suitable place to dump their eggs. Most of these fish can be found in the back of protected coves and creeks where the water will be warmest during this period. Many of these coves have different types of cover, such as boat docks, rocks and stumps, which are good areas to concentrate on. You can cover a lot of water by casting a Rat-L-Trap or throwing a Spinner bait. Once you locate some good bass beds try casting Texas rigged worms and lizards to trigger a strike.

Crappie: This is the time of year when crappie can be found in many of the same places as bass – around some shallow cover in the back of protected coves. I use minnows beneath a slip cork and try every piece of cover, stumps, overhanging brush and boat dock pilings. Crappie during this time can be as shallow as 1 ft. and as deep as 12 ft. depending on the depth of the cove.

White Bass & Hybrid Striped Bass: These fish will bunch up together and can be located on main lake points and humps in depths between 15’ – 25’. I like to troll pet spoons first in these areas to locate where they can be found. Depending on what depth that these fish are in is how I plan to fish. If they are on the bottom I will bounce slab spoons, but if they are suspended, it is best to troll pet spoons to catch these fish.

Catfish: Lake Conroe is just full of 1 – 2 lb. catfish and can be caught anywhere along the river and creek channels using chicken liver, shrimp or dip baits in 15’ – 25’ depths. During late spring these fish will move to shallow water points and bulkheads feeding on shad. I like to use cut shad or minnows under a cork and fish these areas during the early morning hours.