From the Managing Editor

So, here we are… Hearts and kisses for everyone! We are bounding through 2019 like I do when I hear silverware dinging a plate in the kitchen! I run fast and I don’t care what’s in the way!

Well, I want to make this short and sweet because I’m really not happy about any of this but I was instructed to tell everyone. Starting with the March issue I am told that I will have professional photos and video taken of me each month because Ozzy said I don’t stand still good enough for him. Yeah right! Good luck with that… I don’t know who’s coming to do this but if anyone wants to place a wager that they won’t last call me. I’ve already started working on a plan to have them running out of here promising never to come back. This should be good! Also, as a side note, watch for upcoming video on our social media platforms. I think you will like them.

As usual, we are happy once again to bring another informative and entertaining edition to you this month. Look for information about the Montgomery County Home & Garden Show coming up March 2nd & 3rd at the Lone Star Convention Center. We are very excited to be a part of it. Also, we have some new advertisers this month!  Please tell them where you saw them and don’t forget our advertisers and contributors that have been with us in some cases for many, many years!!!  It’s hard to believe 17 plus years ago Dock Line Magazine began publishing and we are thankful everyday for you – our readers and supporters. Without you we would not be here! So, until we talk again, tell everyone where you saw them – in Dock Line Magazine,, Dock Line FB, or just Dock Line because they are everywhere!!!