From the Managing Editors

I often think about how community is everything. Without our neighbors, local businesses and community support, where would we all be? Most people think I’m just hanging out on the back of the couch all day long or protecting the property from squirrels, lizards or hummingbirds, but actually, I do spend a lot of time online. I love Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, even LinkedIn. I really love following and reading our advertisers pages and posts. I spend a lot of time liking stuff. I think when you’re done reading this you should jump online and make sure you’re following me on my Facebook page. Of course, it’s called Dock Line Magazine. You know, when you like my page and you like something I post it inspires me to run right over to your page and like, like, like! Community is everything, even online community is important. So, let’s not just be neighbors, let’s follow each other on Facebook too! Until next month, I hope to see you all online!!!