From the Managing Editors

Happy 4th of July to you! Or it might be, hope you had a Happy 4th of July. LOL! It happens about once a year and it hasn’t happened in a very long time but every once in a while the moon shines down on us and does everything in its power to take Dock LIne Magazine a few extra days to get it in home than we like to see and this seems to be the month! We are proud of our record with 18+ years having our printed magazines in home the first week of the month but sometimes, well, let’s just say Yuk! But this also gives me the opportunity to let you know again how much we strive to reach you on the 1st of every month. is always there with everything printed and also sometimes even more than you receive in the mail. So don’t forget, to keep up on all of our social media platforms online, we’re always there!

Ok, there is one last thing I’d like to remind you all about. It is summer, it is hot and the concrete is even hotter. I see this happen every year when the weather changes and every year I see the heat related injuries to our fur family. Please, please, please – if you can fry an egg on the street why do you want to walk or run your dog on it? If the car is over 100 degrees inside and you can’t breathe yourself, why would you leave your pet inside????? One time I went to the bank, (this is Ozzy by the way) and George was with me. I knew it was hot, but I was only going to be a minute to drop something off. So I left the A/C on high and locked the truck with George inside. Guess what? My remote would not open my truck while it was running and sitting in the parking lot. Yes, I called the police and yes, George was fine, and yes I looked very, very stupid! So guess what I do now? If he can’t go in, I can’t go in. Bottom line – think, just think.

That’s all for me to get off my chest for now so see ya next month!!!