From the Managing Editors

Well, they dressed me up in the uniform and said it was time to play! It was different though. They made me take an oath of secrecy and said if I talked to anyone about what I saw and heard that I wouldn’t have to worry about trimming my toe nails anymore?? Not sure if that was a threat or a gift. I’ll have to get back with you on that. So all that said, I am allowed to tell everyone to please watch Dock Line Magazine very closely in the next 90 days. Things will begin to happen October 1st that are truly amazing and to me, a lot of fun. I can mention that there are plans for me to actually speak to you as well as write the column each month!

So please watch not only the printed editions of Dock Line Magazine but also our website and social media platforms as there are many surprises coming your way! See ya later and keep telling everyone where ya saw um, Dock Line Magazine!