Is Your Diet Food Making You Overweight?

Why oh why can’t I lose any of this weight? It seems the harder you try the harder it is to lose that extra weight. The problem is probably not what you have removed from your diet but what you are adding and your eating habits. There are several common mistakes that will inhibit your weight loss. These are changing your eating habits, staying away from “diet” or low fat/fat free food, and eating the ‘right’ foods.

The first mistake that most people make is thinking that a diet is the best way to lose weight. A diet is temporary; the only true way to lose weight and keep it off is to make lifestyle changes. One of the most important changes should be the frequency and times that you eat. The ideal schedule is to eat five moderate meals. This allows your metabolism to stay at a constant level rather than spiking and falling after 3 big meals, or for some of us the one big meal at the end of the day. It is beneficial for most of us to have a small snack full of good nutrient dense foods to help keep you going until lunch, then another between lunch and dinner. Some good ideas for snacks are; a hand full of raw nuts or some protein with a small fruit.

We have all seen the people who are drinking the diet sodas and the fat free foods thinking they are doing the right thing. The problem with all of the low fat or diet foods is that the fake sugars trick your body into thinking they are getting sugar. When your body tries to use these sugars they are not there so your body begins to crave sugar which makes you hungrier. This also happens when you eat the fat free items. All of the products have chemically engineered ingredients to make your body look for more FAT AND SUGAR to satisfy its cravings.

The last and most important problem people run into is they think all qualities of food are created the same. “If I just eat a small plate of food I will be ok.” It is ok to eat a healthy quantity, because it needs to become a sustainable lifestyle. A good visual is to fill your plate high with steamed or raw veggies, a quarter of the plate with a low fat protein (think chicken or fish) and the other with starch (think quinoa, brown rice or a potato). Eating the right foods will help you maintain a healthy weight. Most bodies need a protein and starch, or protein and veggie/fruit at each eating time to maintain even blood sugars.

The sooner you are able to re-train your mind and habits the sooner you will be on the right path to a happier, healthier, and leaner you.

Dr. Buchan and Dr. McComb are board certified doctors of chiropractic and owners of Kingwood Chiropractic Associates. They have extensive education and training in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions, applied clinical nutrition and acupuncture. They are committed to helping you and your families obtain the information which is essential to achieve health and wellness, and through that process empower you to make decisions that will lead to fulfillment of your goals and a life of greater potential. For more information on methods of improving your health, go to