The Mouse Shoulder Epidemic

There is a growing epidemic in this country called Mouse Shoulder.  Well, that’s what I call it. What is it you ask?  It is most of the time found on the right side.  It is located between the shoulder and the neck.  It can sometimes lead to neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and can present itself as a tender knot just above the tip of the shoulder blade.

So, why do I call it Mouse Shoulder?  I call it Mouse Shoulder because the most common factor leading to this epidemic is the use of the computer mouse.  Mouse Shoulder is joining the ranks of Carpal Tunnel, Trigger Finger, and Elbow Tendinitis as common problems attributed to computers.  Most people typically spend hours a day on the computer and almost always use there mouse on the right side. (I have met one person who switches back and forth between her right hand and her left hand, but that’s just weird). The repetitive use of the mouse causes significant built up tension in the right shoulder and neck region leading to Mouse Shoulder.

So how do you prevent it?  The easiest way to lessen the stress caused by the mouse is to make sure that you are keeping it close to you and that you don’t have to reach for it.  The reaching and poor head posture is what causes the tension in the neck and shoulders.  Often times, a cordless mouse may be needed to help keep the mouse close to you.

Hopefully, this little tip will help keep you from being a statistic in this growing epidemic. 🙂  Now if you continue to have problems, give us a call and we will get you fixed up.

Dr. Buchan and Dr. McComb are board certified doctors of chiropractic and owners of Kingwood Chiropractic Associates. They have extensive education and training in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions, applied clinical nutrition and acupuncture. They are committed to helping you and your families obtain the information which is essential to achieve health and wellness, and through that process empower you to make decisions that will lead to fulfillment of your goals and a life of greater potential. For more information on methods of improving your health, go to