The Best You Can Be

It’s no secret that the recent evolution of medical care in America has left many confused, confounded and concerned about how the healthcare system is supposed to work; it’s a challenge for doctors as well as patients.

Modern medicine works best when doctor and patient work together as a team to find viable solutions to problems and work toward optimum health. Perhaps that’s why the patients of family practitioner Dr. Kyle Scarborough have voted in a local survey to name him “Best Doctor in Montgomery County” for three years in a row.

“Communication is an important part of modern healthcare,” said Dr. Scarborough. “There is a tendency for doctors to see more and more patients. Too often, patients don’t have a real opportunity to interact with their healthcare provider and establish a dialogue about their condition. They’re seen, but not heard.”

In an era when most doctors are committed to corporate hospitals and medical alliances for financial gain, Dr. Scarborough remains one of the few truly independent family physicians in the area, focusing on providing top quality medical care for the whole family.

“The insurance industry is changing the way healthcare is managed for doctors as well as patients,” said Dr. Scarborough. “Doctors are required to create and maintain a lot more records and follow very specific guidelines regarding healthcare these days. The time and effort to handle the administrative function is more challenging than most individual doctors can handle.”

Indeed, electronic record keeping enables insurance companies to follow the treatment patients receive over an extended period of time. The major companies are tracking overall and long term health outcomes, a potentially beneficial policy, but one that puts an increased administrative burden on healthcare providers.

To avoid confusion, some opt to use one of those corporate walk-in or urgent care facilities springing up for healthcare, but that choice may be shortsighted. “Healthcare is a long term process in which consistent care is essential,” said Dr. Scarborough. “Fragmented healthcare, where you see different providers, takes away the benefit of past medical history or trends. You’re better off in the long run finding a family physician with whom you can have a long term relationship.”

School age children see the doctor for basic immunization, sports physicals and basic healthcare. Teens and young adults often forego regular medical exams because they feel well. They only go to be treated for a specific ailment or concern.

“Regular preventative care is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for folks in their 40s and above to have annual checkups,” said Dr. Scarborough. “That’s when potential problems start showing up for many people. It’s much easier to diagnose and treat health related issues before they become significant problems.”

Scarborough became a doctor in 1992 and earned board certification in family medicine before moving to Montgomery County the following year. He launched Family Life Medical as an independent physician three years ago, with wife Tammey, a former nurse practitioner, serving as clinic manager to handle the administrative functions.

And while Dr. Scarborough is independent, patients have full access to specialists and advanced medical technology available at Conroe Regional Medical Center ? saving his patients time and aggravation of having to travel throughout the area for diagnostic work or to see specialists.

As a family doctor, Scarborough treats patients of all ages, from infants to seniors. In addition to addressing specific medical issues, he handles school and employment physicals, vaccinations and annual checkups.

He’s also a popular medical expert in local newspapers with a weekly column highlighting current trends and concerns in the area of healthcare. His insight and expertise helps a significant number of area residents who have never even met him.

As a respected physician in the community, Dr. Scarborough’s practice continues to expand.

“We’ve expanded our service hours to help families on a busy schedule,” said Dr. Scarborough. “We can usually offer patients same-day or nextday appointments when they have a concern.”

At Family Life Medical, it’s all about commitment ? to patients and the community.

“We’re adding well trained and well qualified healthcare professionals to the team to better serve our patients,” said Dr. Scarborough. “We’re proud of what we have accomplished, but we are focused on the future and want to provide the best medical care possible.”

Family Life Medical, located at 508 Medical Center Blvd. in the Conroe Regional Medical Center campus, is accepting new patients as well as most forms of insurance. For information or to schedule an appointment, visit or call 936-760-9900.