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Tooth whitening treatment can be an effective method to whiten teeth and enhance your smile. I am frequently asked, “What kind of whitening treatment is available?”

Tooth whitening has existed since 3000 B.C. with the ancient Egyptians, who created a whitening paste made with pumice stone mixed with white vinegar. During this era, white teeth were a sign of beauty and wealth.

Today, there are a variety of tooth whitening systems on the market, but the most effective systems are those that are designed to, i) maximize the contact of bleaching agent to the natural tooth structure (custom trays), and ii) use a bleaching agent with a concentration that is generally unavailable over-the-counter. Because of these requirements, your dentist can create a bleaching regime for you that is custom made for your needs and desires.

Generally, there are two forms of professional bleaching systems, i) in-office bleaching systems and, ii) take-home bleaching systems.

Take Home Bleaching Systems:

  • Can provide an effective result
  • Impressions are needed to make custom bleaching trays
  • Recommend Sensodyne toothpaste use for one week prior to starting treatment
  • Wear bleaching trays for 30 minutes a day for 1-2 weeks (each system is different)
  • Optimal results usually seen after 1-2 weeks of treatment
  • Reusable trays and gel refills available at dental office

In-Office Bleaching System (ZOOM Light Activated Whitening):

  • Immediate and dramatic results after one office visit
  • Impressions needed for custom trays
  • After treatment, patient is given a relief gel to reduce sensitivity, custom trays which can be used for future bleaching, and a touch-up kit with gel that can be used for 3-4 days.
  • Patients with a strong gag reflex or with high anxiety may have difficulty undergoing procedure
  • Very effective results – can brighten teeth up to eight shades brighter
  • Not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women, light sensitive individuals or patients with melanoma.

Dr. Jeffrey Clark, D.M.D. is a dentist at Lakewood Dental Associates in Huntsville, Texas. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine and completed a Masters in Medical Science from Boston University School of Medicine. He completed a General Practice Residency program at the University of Utah Hospital & Clinics and has advanced training in many aspects of general dentistry. He received the Predoctoral Research Award and was the recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence in Dental Research from the American Association for Dental Research National Student Research Group (AADR NSRG). His research has been shared at national and international symposiums and at numerous academic institutions including Harvard University.

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