Air Houston Mechanical

By Fabian Sandler

Autumn arrives this month. Summer is almost over, and with it those ninety-plus degree days of incessant heat. Yeah, right. Tell that to laboring air conditioning systems all around the region.

Air conditioning service companies are in full demand. Come September 22, the end of summer, air conditioners will still need a helping hand. It is no fun losing the comfort of cooled air in one’s home, and companies literally lose business if their AC system goes haywire.

Air Houston Mechanical is in business to safeguard AC systems from going haywire, or fix them when they do.

Owners Chris and wife Jennifer Tinsley opened Air Houston Mechanical seven years ago, committed to providing excellent customer service, competitive prices and excellent quality.

Chris got started in the air conditioning business when he was fairly young. “I had a brother-in-law that did it, and I worked with him when I was fifteen, sixteen years old, during the summertime. I just enjoyed it, so I started doing it way back in ’98, straight out of high school,” he relates. He worked at Strauss Systems for six years in Stafford, a commute that took an hour and twenty minutes one way each day. Before Strauss Systems, Chris was at United Services. Both companies are in the air conditioning/heating industry, giving Chris twenty years experience in his chosen field.

Jason Hunt is the service manager. He has been with Chris for four years. “We’ve known each other for eighteen years,” Chris adds.

Chris and Jennifer have been married for thirteen years. They have four children, son Bailey, who is nineteen years old and is a helper in the family business; daughter McKinzie, who at seventeen is a senior in Atascocita; and twin thirteen year old boys, Logan and Austin. Logan is older by six minutes. “Eventually, Bailey will take over the company,” Chris says hopefully. The family is a member of The Woodlands Church of Atascocita.

Chris truly believes in the importance of customer service. He strongly feels this sets him apart. He says he knows that if customers are happy, they will continue to use him the next time they are in need of his services. What’s more, they will tell their friends. “Referrals are the best advertising there is,” he states flatly.

The owner firmly believes that the quality of work that Air Houston Mechanical performs puts distance between his business and those of his competitors. “We stand behind our work,” Chris assuredly states.

Air Houston Mechanical is a Lennox dealer. “We sell any brand, but that’s the main brand that we carry. They’re the one who helped me get on my feet, get me going, and gave me a credit line. I’m pretty loyal to them. I’ll put in anything a customer wants.” It is quick to see that that sense of loyalty to the original supplier carries over to loyalty to his customers.

Manufacturers’ warranties are in effect for their equipment, and Air Houston Mechanical offers a two year labor warranty on the high-efficiency equipment, and one year warranty on the rest.

Chris suggests both residential and commercial customers should consider having a maintenance contract. “They’re definitely good to have,” Chris states. “That way we can try to catch anything that breaks before it does.”

He continues, “That entails us going through the whole system. We check the Freon, we check the amp draws on all the components. We blow out the drain lines, check the coils to make sure they’re clean. If you’re on a maintenance agreement with us, we actually clean the coils once a year on both the outside unit and the inside unit. We check the heater, the heat exchangers. We try to catch anything that could go wrong before it happens.

“Commercial maintenance is a little different than residential,” the owner continues. “For commercial, we come out every three months, and residential we do it twice a year.” For commercial accounts, air filters are replaced on each of those quarterly visits.

The ratio of commercial to residential work that Air Houston Mechanical performs in about sixty to forty percent, but Chris would like to see more residential work flow through in the Kingwood area. “That’s what our goal is,” he attests.

Chris is in the process of signing up with the Air Conditioning Contractors Association, or ACCA. “It’s a group that does nothing but air conditioning. They give you updates on new things. They give you tools to use. It’s pretty much for contractors. That way we know about new laws.”

As part of their exemplary customer service, Air Houston Mechanical’s website is full of pertinent information on what to look for in an HVAC company. Chris believes in educating people on the do’s and don’ts of prospective customers.

The following is from the Air Houston Mechanical website:

“Hiring a local Kingwood, Texas, AC repair company has many advantages. Local building and energy efficiency codes are best understood by local air conditioning repair contractors. Local contractors are able to guarantee that the work will fulfill the local standards. We are a proud family business that is a locally owned AC services company.

“Residential air conditioning systems are often the most costly conveniences we take for granted. Because of the importance of the system to your comfort and budget, it pays to work with a professional technician, one with experience in understanding AC repair and replacement issues.

“If you are talking to an AC repair Kingwood, Texas, air conditioner company, ask to see proof of license. Ask the contractor for customer references, too; information about the contractor’s installation and service performance.

“Find a heating and cooling company that will deliver quality work. It is also important to ensure any air conditioner repair company has an up-to-date workers comp policy. We do.”

Air Houston Mechanical indeed goes out of their way to make sure people in need of HVAC service are well-informed and are not taken for a ride by a disreputable business.

Testimonials are important for any business. Carol Lynn’s Facebook testimonial is especially poignant about the attention to detail and the exceptional customer service that Air Houston Mechanical employs every day: “Air Houston Mechanical installed a complete new system in my home today. They were fast, friendly, and professional. I was amazed at how quickly the whole process took. I expected this to be a process that took several weeks, but it has been one week and I am back to enjoying the cool air! If you can request Curt – he is so friendly and he will walk you through everything, ask him all the questions you have and he will answer! He not only came out to do my estimate, but he followed up with me after the estimate, and he even came by today during the install to make sure everything was going smoothly. The install team was fast, friendly, and clean! I would definitely recommend them and they will be my first call in the future! Thanks again Air Houston Mechanical – after six months without heat and AC – I’m finally back to enjoying a comfortable temperature in my home again!”

Another highly satisfied customer, Kimberli, wrote, “Air Houston installed a new unit in our home today. We were very pleased with their customer service. They were very prompt, friendly staff, knowledgeable, and competitive prices! They helped us pick out the most efficient unit for our home within our budget. Highly recommended!”

Located in Huffman, the address is 314 High Pointe Crossing. The phone number is 832-777-1521. Look them up on Facebook. Office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Mondays through Fridays, but Chris is on call 24/7 for customers who need him after business hours.

The special for September is a rebate up to $1,500.00 on select Lennox equipment.

Air Houston Mechanical offers financing through Synchrony Finance and Service Finance. The former is the main finance company that is used. “It used to be G.E. Finance,” Chris states.

There are plans for expansion. “We have four trucks right now. We plan on adding a truck every year,” Chris states.

Air Houston Mechanical has adopted a mascot caricature of an air conditioning unit with eyes and mouth, short arms and legs, sporting a baseball cap. It is a new design.

With such conscientious concern for excellent customer service and providing competitive pricing and outstanding equipment, Chris should realize those plans.